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May 10, 2019

Matt Every

Irving, Texas

Q. At any point did you feel like you were drafting, playing in that group today, like a little NASCAR, you just feeding off of one another?
MATT EVERY: Little bit. I played really good all day, really. I didn't even know Sung was playing that good until 10, 11 there, looked on the board, said he made 6 in a row. Really, he's made 6 in a row? I was kind of doing my own thing. Yeah, it was a good day for both of us.

Honestly, I'll a little disappointed in my, my -- I feel like it could have been a little better for me today. But this course, it's kind of what it does, and then like that par 5, what is it, 14? Hit the windmill on that one and shot right underneath the lip of the bunker and probably my best shot of the day.

Then 17 I flagged a 9-iron and -- I needed one more yard out of it and instead I'm down in the junk. I made a great par but like my two best shots of the day and completely fisted.

Q. It's funny you.mention the tee shot on 17. I was saying that you flagged it.
MATT EVERY: I smoked it, too. I couldn't have hit it better. My fault. Just the wrong club, obviously. It was nice to hit it close on the last.

Q. Before we let you go, I know you feel like you could have been better. That being said, though, how big are the up and downs on 14 and 17 to get 6-under out of this round?
MATT EVERY: They were. 17, actually I had a good lie down there. But 14 was sick because I was on a down slope and it's -- this ground is pretty firm and my chipping has been extremely dicey this year so. I laid this thing open and committed to it and it worked.

Yeah, good day. Probably got the bad -- this might be the most like what -- the biggest difference in waves this tournament this year, it's going to end up being this way.

Some might have had this thing wrapped up if the weather was like it was for us the last two rounds. It's going to die down this afternoon and probably 15 miles will be around where I am.

That's a little bit of a bummer. That's just the way it goes out here. Some weeks it works for you, some weeks it doesn't.

Q. It's great couple days. Go get it tomorrow.
MATT EVERY: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Q. Pretty good day today, took advantage of the conditions?
MATT EVERY: Took advantage of the conditions? Were you here this morning?

Q. Has it gotten better? I saw the backside.
MATT EVERY: Yeah. This morning was brutal. It was like so cold out here. Yeah, it worked out. I was just drafting off of Sung all day, really.

Q. Does it make it easier when you're playing with --
MATT EVERY: Yeah, it does. That's the short answer, yeah. It does make it easier when the guy you're playing with is playing really well.

Q. You had a couple tough breaks on the back-9.
Kind of walk away thinking what it could have been or you just kind of have to move past it? You seemed to recover from 14.

MATT EVERY: I mean you can do that on every round out here. Sometimes some of them kind of burn your ass a little more than others. Like for me on my only bogey today I hit it right in the screws, perfect, probably one of my best drives of the day and goes under the lip in the middle of the fairway, a bunker.

Nothing I can do about it except get mad and complain, which I did. Other than that, it was good.

Q. Jordan was over here just a minute ago talking about how he's making his way around, never would have thought he could be 9 back by the time he finished his round. You see it up close and personal.
Given what you did today, did you ever think you would be that far back after the 1st Round?

MATT EVERY: I didn't realize how good he was playing until 11 or 12. There's a board. It said Sung Kang made 6 birdies in a row. You don't really think about it. Yeah, he played really nice. He made a lot the putts. You're doing that when you're shooting low scores. Jordan knows about making putts, yeah.

Q. When you have a hole like 14 and you had it rolling and rolling, talk about trying to get yourself back on track, not letting it kind of pull you down for the round.
MATT EVERY: For me, I just got to kind of take my time. I'm kind of -- I like to play quickly and when my attitude is bad, I might get going a little too quick. Just kind of take a break, catch my breath, we're good.

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