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May 10, 2019

Henrik Stenson

Irving, Texas

Q. Day two here in Dallas.
HENRIK STENSON: I'm not overly disappointed. It was tough in the morning, it was blowing a little bit here and cold. Down to low 50s. I don't know if you can calculate that.

Q. I can't.
HENRIK STENSON: It's about 10 degrees Celsius. A tricky morning. I think I did okay. Could have definitely had a little bit coming in. It was kind of a disappointing finish. Had some good chances and didn't make them. Yeah, could have been one or two better but, overall, not too unhappy.

Q. When it's cold, how difficult is it to keep the fingers nice and arm when you need those touches shots or you're very good despite the conditions?
HENRIK STENSON: I missed a few other ones when the fingers were warmer. I mean, it wasn't like we were getting frost bites. The ball will travel less distance and the wind is still a factor.

It was a bit of a tricky morning than we were hoping for I think given yesterday's condition in the morning, so -- but it is what it is and we'll keep on moving forward over the weekend.

Q. Best part of your game so far is what?
HENRIK STENSON: It's been the striking this week. It's as nice as I've hit it for a long time. I had one round, I don't remember where I was now, but one round earlier this spring I really felt like I was playing good but striking has been much better this week.

That's the big positive. Still feel like I leave a few shots out there but untidy with the short game. Working really good.

Q. Is that a nice surprise because you didn't have great expectations coming in this week?
HENRIK STENSON: I've been watching a lot of old swing videos and close contact with Pete and trying to get closer to where we need to be.

Q. All right. In comparison to yesterday, how much different did the course play?
HENRIK STENSON: It was a lot colder this morning. Wasn't really the morning we were hoping for in terms of conditions. Looking back at yesterday, I think it was fairly calm and nice in the morning. We didn't get that today.

It was blowing a good club, club and a half I'd say and low 50s temperature. We have to -- I had four layers on and felt a little bit like the Michelin Man.

All in all, I'm fairly happy with the way I played. Could have been a few better. Left a few coming in here the last four, five holes, some good chips and didn't take them. That's the only small disappointment.

But in the bigger picture, I feel like I'm playing better and it's moving in the right direction.

Q. Possibly a course record on the course. Surprising, given what you saw out there?
HENRIK STENSON: I saw that. Kang and Matt Every, they were getting going early and obviously Kang kept on going. Yeah, that's an impressive round of golf. He seems to have left some space between him and the rest of the field as of now.

Q. What do you get out of a week like this, ahead of a Major? Obviously the course is going to be totally different at Bethpage Black, but what kind of things are you trying to look for, the rhythm you're looking for in your game?
HENRIK STENSON: I haven't had the spring I would have liked to. I've been struggling with my game and trying to find some form and some pace and actually I feel like I'm moving in the right direction this week.

It's more about how you feel, how you play and it's the last rehearsal before the PGA Championship. We want to try to get it tuned in a good way here and bring some momentum into next week.

Q. What are those things that you speak of that you felt --
HENRIK STENSON: You got to do all the normal stuff. You have to be decisive, pick your targets and execute that part. The way I've been playing, sometimes you feel like that doesn't even help to do those things because I've just been hitting it poorly and don't have any confidence really in the long game.

Yeah, I feel like I'm more decisive and made things a little bit easier mentally with some of the swing thoughts we're getting on with and actually helps when the ball starts on line as well when you're hitting it.

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