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May 10, 2019

Martin Laird

Irving, Texas

Q. Martin, another great round of golf. Two great days of golf for you. If you look at your numbers, only one bogey.
Do you credit your scrambling, those numbers are 10 of 11?

MARTIN LAIRD: I've been chipping nicely and putting really nicely. I didn't really realize it. I was going through my round last night from yesterday, I think it was like 6 or 7 something scrambling. That helps yesterday.

I've been playing nicely. It was tough early this morning, hit a few, felt like I was wearing my 5-iron out the first few holes.

I was hitting it close and made some of the putts. I'm pleased with that. It was cold and breezy. Pretty tricky.

Q. Someone thinks it feels likes Scotland out here the way the course design and the temperatures today, even though you live in Arizona.
Do you like this type of golf course?

MARTIN LAIRD: I do really enjoy playing this course. First year here last year I didn't play very well but I still really liked it.

I was excited to come back and it's not a true links golf but close and you definitely get that sort of feel. Some of the holes you got to land it 20 yards short and bounce it up. Around the greens, there's a little more elevation than maybe a true links course in Scotland.

Definitely has the feel. As you said, it was definitely more of a Scottish weather today than Dallas this time of year. But, no, on to the weekend and I'm happy.

Q. It looked to me, finally, that you played the angles right on this golf course. Watch where you put the ball off the tee and the competitors, looked like you had the angles in mind.
MARTIN LAIRD: That's why I like this place. It's a good design. We were talking about it on one of the holes, there's a few pins out there if you go right at it you better get right on the spot or feed off the green, where you can go five, six yards right or left and use some slopes and get almost as close but have a bit of a cushion.

I really enjoy that as opposed to aiming at the pin and letting it go every time. You got to think your way around here. It's one of the reasons I like it so much, definitely a little more on the approach shots and then going back, as you said, that comes from the angles from the tee. Yeah, try to keep that up and hopefully keep on playing well.

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