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May 10, 2019

Tony Romo

Irving, Texas

Q. Thanks guys. Here with Tony Romo. One of your best rounds on the PGA TOUR to date.
What are you going to take away from this experience?

TONY ROMO: I think you learn a little bit every time you play, you get a little more comfortable and I think my game is getting better and better each month, really.

So, starting to take some time but I think I'm seeing a lot of positive improvement, I guess you could say. It's holding up out here. That kind of shows what you have to work on and stuff you're doing well. I think signs of life.

Q. Your putting has been improving a lot. You said consistency is really what separates people out here. So, you know, anything in particular now that you're going to work on for the next time?
TONY ROMO: Yeah. I think more than anything, I think I didn't drive it as well yesterday for sure and today I still have some swings that cost me. Take a double bogey today, that's a big number out here and it's tough to get those shots back, especially tougher conditions.

I think you just have to get consistent enough to know your misses and minimize them instead of always hitting perfect shot. Again, it will be the next step.

Q. We're joined now by Tony Romo. It's really great to see AT&T, the Byron Nelson people and yourself get together to provide, you know, enjoyment for the people that come out here; obviously to help the Salesmanship Club to do the great work they do.
TONY ROMO: The Salesmanship Club does great work. City of Dallas coming out and supporting. It's a wonderful week in general out here, an honor just to get the exemption.

I want to thank AT&T and everybody. It was a great experience. Hit pretty good shots out here. So, excited about the game and where the future, hopefully, can go.

Q. Throw you a little curve ball, Tony. On behalf of NFL viewers, okay, the work you're doing in the booth, I think is fantastic.
There's one aspect, Tony, of the game that never seems to get mentioned, never hear an example of and that's the conversation between the coach and the quarterback and the quarterback's headset.

Is there a reason for that?

TONY ROMO: Talking about on the field?

Q. Yes.
TONY ROMO: I think it's difficult for people to understand exactly what they're saying because each offense or defense is different. They're explaining certain things. Really they're telling them the play and something to watch out for. It shuts off for 15 seconds before the play. Quarterback has to go do his job.

Q. Tony, what were the feelings today coming in after yesterday?
TONY ROMO: I was excited. I did some stuff on the range last night and this morning felt good coming in. I hit the ball well today.

I think just the feelings and getting comfortable and then couple little swing things that kind of creep up once in awhile when you get into pressure situations, I was able to manage better and I was happy. I was proud.

Q. What do you take away from this performance?
TONY ROMO: Really just the ability to continue to improve. I think more than anything, I got a sense to be able to hit a lot of high, quality shots under what is a pressure situation for me.

That's encouraging and shows that the work you're doing holds up when it counts and from there you just got to find the little things that allow you to keep things going and not derail the round and I think just small stuff but, technique-wise, we're coming on.

Q. How do you think about that in the Monday with the U.S. Open qualifiers and your tournaments through the season?
TONY ROMO: It's a process. Like I always say, Todd knows this, talked before about it but was mostly this is -- in some ways I treat it like you started playing.

When you can practice something everyday in your life, that's what you're doing. Then you can really attack it and improve, like real improvement, not just go out there and play.

You're really concentrating on certain areas of your game and putting a ton of focus and that can improve. Improve from to here in the putting, chipping, just some of stuff that I saw that I was nowhere near at the level I am.

I improved a lot there. It's good to see the work and technique hold up. We'll attack the next area and the next area and hopefully you can get to a point where you're happy with the product you're putting out there.

Q. Do you think more of the good shots today or think of like the drives on 3 and 4 that kind of cost you?
TONY ROMO: Yeah. I find -- I hit so many good shots today, I mean I kind of know that the driver is going to be the ability to go low because you'll have to put yourself into position to attack the pins consistently. I think you found the next step and what we're going to be working on.

I think that's more of just your ability to keep your misses small. Out here golf is a game of misses. It really -- your ability to just keep making par with your misses is the key and not give away two shots, just randomly like I did this week, and that will be something I'll work very hard on for the next time.

Q. Tony, the back-9 yesterday, today you played first and make the turn. Can you quantify how much better your back-9 was today compared to yesterday?
TONY ROMO: Quite a bit different. Like I said, this game is small when it comes to your ability to improve from even one day to the next or one week or one month.

You can really make a ton of improvement with the right technique or practice. It's like a puzzle. You can figure it out and you can really improve. It's just you got to go try and dissect it and figure it out. If you can, then you can shoot scores that you're proud of.

Q. So you're getting a little advice from Nick Faldo? What did he have to say?
TONY ROMO: Talking golf. I think he knows a little bit about the golf swing. I think we may listen to him a little bit. He's got some good bits.

Q. What did your playing partners say to you during the match yesterday and today?
TONY ROMO: You're out (laughter). No.

It was great. Scottie I played with a bunch so I think Scottie knows my abilities and so it was fun to play with Dylan and he at the end just talked about you keep going, you've got a ton of game and good stuff like that. Makes you feel good as a player.

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