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May 10, 2019

Tyler Duncan

Irving, Texas

Q. Tyler, what a well played round of golf. You are wonderfully positioned going into the weekend. Tell me about the round.
TYLER DUNCAN: Just played solid. I've been working pretty hard at my game the last few months. I haven't got any results to show for it. Just happy that I'm finally getting some results and the hard work I've been putting in is starting to payoff.

Q. Golf is kind of a funny game. You can practice really hard and don't get results for two weeks, two months down the line.
Talk to me about your putting because it hasn't been a strength of you this season, at least according to the stats. You putted beautifully this week.

TYLER DUNCAN: I've been working really hard with my putting, actually, and I feel like my stroke has been there. I've been hitting nice putts. Haven't been holing a lot of putts. Just so happens this week they're starting to go in.

Q. Really well played. Tell me about the 13th hole because you only had two bogies and it's bitten you twice.
TYLER DUNCAN: Today I hit my wife in the head on that hole. Took a big bounce and hit her, I guess. I didn't know until after the round. But, today, I had a little mud on the ball, little unfortunate timing there and shot out to the right and didn't get up and down.

Q. That was a really hard chip to charge where the hole was located at. Six par-5s you played, you're 5-under par on those holes.
TYLER DUNCAN: Par-5s is where you do your scoring. I'm happy to be taking advantage of it.

Q. What about your thoughts going into the weekend?
TYLER DUNCAN: I'm pretty excited. I'm calm, I'm confident. So, just looking forward to another opportunity.

Q. Yeah, Tyler following a 64 yesterday with your 66 today. You had a little incident out there, you hit your wife in the head with a golf ball. You're not supposed to do that.
TYLER DUNCAN: I know. I know. I didn't even know until after I finished the round. So, I'm just happy she's not hurt, and I was with her awhile ago. Not long after we started dating she actually got hit in the head by another ball, a random ball from the driving range. She's dodged two hits to the head. I'm sure most people can't say that.

Q. Probably not. Not a lot of people can say they went this low today out here. What were the conditions like for you in the afternoon?
TYLER DUNCAN: It was actually better than I was expecting. I'm sitting in the hotel room this morning seeing it was 62 degrees and the wind was out of the north. It's going to be freezing.

I went to Target and tried to find some hand warmers and warm clothes. Didn't find anything. Came out here and the wind wasn't blowing as hard as I thought. It wasn't as cold as I thought. I was happy to see that.

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