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May 10, 2019

Thomas Detry

Hillside, Southport, England

Q. A round of 67 to back up yesterday's 66. How nice to finish in style with a wonderful birdie at the last?
THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, it was lovely. I had a good read because Herbert pretty much had the same line, so feels pretty good and I just missed a three-putt at 16, missed a birdie opportunity on 17, and to make it on the last was pretty amazing.

Q. With you were striping it close to the flag there. How well do you feel you're swinging?
THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, pretty good. I've been working on it. It's not easy out here. We have different grass every week, a lot of tight lies out here. So you have to get used to it and we did some good work with my coach out here this week.

Yeah, feel pretty comfortable with my irons.

Q. Your third full year on tour, 86th and 37th in The Race to Dubai. What goals and targets do you have for this year?
THOMAS DETRY: 31st. No, I'm not really thinking about The Race to Dubai. I really want to win a golf tournament, play some majors because I have never played a major and really get comfortably inside the Top 100 in the world.

Q. Give us your thoughts on tomorrow.
THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, tomorrow, weather is going to be lovely so, expect some low scoring. I think putting's going to be key again. Good iron play, as well. Yeah, just staying present and playing my game.

Q. I know you'd have been a bit disappointed by giving one shot away on 16 but 18 really made up for it.
THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, the three-putt at 16, didn't make birdie after a good drive, and yeah, it was amazing to finish off today like this with a long putt on 18 and very pleased with the way I was playing today.

Q. You mentioned that ball-striking was the only thing you weren't happy with. Looked like you had it channelled in after that.
THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, we play on so many different grasses and the lies are very, very tight. Last week we were in China on teed-up lies, so we have to get used to it. Did a little bit of work with my coach and yeah, I feel pretty comfortable now.

Q. Strange day for us weather-wise. How did you finds it coming in after a break?
THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, very strange. The wind was kind of switching around. We thought a storm was coming over and the clouds were actually looking pretty bad, but nothing. It ended up being fine and dry, so yeah, very enjoyable temperature to play golf.

Q. You're no stranger to this course, 2011 you were here as an Amateur playing in the Amateur Open. Did that experience help you this week?
THOMAS DETRY: Yeah, definitely. It was a long time ago, seven years ago, but then playing out here, I remember I think I made the cut and I lost against actually -- who is playing out here, as well. I don't think he remembers that but I remember losing in a playoff. So yeah, definitely that definitely helped because I remember a few holes and I was playing the Pro Am, knew exactly where I was and definitely an advantage.

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