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May 10, 2019

Ross Fisher

Hillside, Southport, England

Q. Is a round of 65. What pleased you most about your play today?
ROSS FISHER: Everything, really. Felt like I drove the ball well. Came back and struggled to find the pace of the greens. Felt like they were a lot quicker when we got back out there. Managed to hole a couple of good come-back putts opponent the first two holes and then short game saved me on the last couple. To come away 7-under, 65, obviously very, very pleased.

Q. You mentioned the work you're doing with Denis Pugh. Tell us what you're doing currently.
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, we just do a lot of TrakMan stuff, especially obviously like I said to you on the course, I've gone through three wedges to four wedges because I feel like the long game has been really strong but kind of short irons has been my weak spot. So just allowing me to have that extra wedge to take the spin off it.

So accuracy has improved a lot and we have been doing a lot of nine-hole birdie challenges where you just play nine holes and you've got to birdie all nine holes but you're allowed spare balls if you hit a bad shot or if you miss a putt. It's been keeping me focused and playing proper quality golf and obviously nice to see the rewards are paying off.

Q. Just briefly. Three times a runner-up at the Dunhill Links. You like this style of golf?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, I was trying to remember a little about the course. I wasn't here since '97 playing on the junior golf tour. I vaguely remember some of the holes but yeah, I like links golf. This isn't playing anywhere near like a links golf. Hopefully no more rain. Might firm up and should post a good test over the next three days.

Q. At times I think you felt like your resulted have not often credited where your golf is. 7-under 65, do you feel like that was a just score today?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, I guess so. Felt like I played really solid. Tee-to-green was pretty sharp. And then when I did hit the occasional poor iron shot into the greens, my short game was saving me, especially the last two shots there.

Didn't feel like I hit that bad a tee shot on 8 but where I ended up wasn't great. Hit a decent chip there and holed a really nice putt and then just unfortunately hit a really, really poor second shot into nine there, only an 8-iron in my hand.

But first bunker I've been all week, so it was nice to hit a good bunker shot and see the putt go in, sign for a 65, obviously delighted.

Q. Iron play, I know you've worked hard with Denis Pugh and made changes to your equipment. Is that part of your game you're working at most?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, definitely. I've played three woods and three wedges for kind of throughout my whole career. The only time I drop one of the woods would be to play like a links golf course or Open Championship or Scottish Open, Irish Open or a tournament like here where you feel like you're going to hit a lot of 2-irons off tees but this course isn't really playing that way at the moment. It isn't playing like a firm, fast, links golf course. You can be quite aggressive on tee shots and I hit the driver a lot out there, certainly on some of the par 5s where you see a lot of guys throttling back to hit the fairway. I'm the opposite, sticking to my game plan, and driving to my strengths, so I've been driving it well.

Yeah, the wedges have within going really, really well. It's just giving me a new dynamic taking a wedge to hit to a number rather than taking one because the other one is going to spin too much. It's enabled me to hit more of a variety of shots.

Q. Odd weather today, very cold, a bit wet this morning and now we have quite the reverse. Was that an interruption to your back nine?
ROSS FISHER: I don't know, really.

Q. Nice run of birdies there.
ROSS FISHER: It was strange. I walked off birdieing the third, I think, and I took a sneak peak at the leaderboard and saw currently minus one and above it a weather warning. I thought someone was taking the mick or something. I thought, we're not in America, we're in the U.K. I thought it was too cold or wet to have a thunderstorm.

Yeah, it was a shame, but nice to get the tee shot away on the par 5 and obviously came back out, was warming up in a few layers and it sort of subsided and got to the fairway and the sun came out and feel like I've got a few too many layers on. The only thing I really struggled with was the speed of the green, didn't actually hit any putts.

Just went to the range and hit a few balls and then before you know it, it's time to get back out there. Struggled a little bit with the pace, knocked a few past but pleased to clean a few up and knock them in.

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