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May 9, 2019

Shawn Stefani

Irving, Texas

Q. Shawn, Steady Eddie today. 3-under going out, 3-under coming in. Looks like you were in full control of your game.
SHAWN STEFANI: For the most part I felt like I was well under control with everything in my game. Hit a few loose shots. A couple mud balls on a few holes. I rolled the ball nicely on the greens.

The putter definitely kept the round going a few times today and made a couple long ones so, you know, when you make a few long putts like that it's easier to shoot a lower number.

Q. We were talking to you on our broadcast about how wide some of these fairways and how big some of these targets are. The game of golf is aim small, miss small.
Is it tough to get fixated with lines and targets with everything being just a grand, so to speak?

SHAWN STEFANI: Absolutely. I struggled myself today trying to pick a good line because you don't really see it. You don't really visualize left to right, right to left. You kind of see wide open.

So, you know, it's tough. In the same sense, you still see your shot moving left to right, right to left and try to go from there.

Q. Certainly had the tougher part of the day in the afternoon versus the morning. Got to give you confidence heading into Friday and flip the script.
SHAWN STEFANI: I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be a little chilly in the morning. I'm not sure what the wind is going to do. Definitely nice to get off to a good start and maybe go get another one tomorrow morning.

Q. Here with Shawn Stefani. Shot a bogey-free 65. It was a tough afternoon but you managed to go out there, 6-under. Why was it tougher and how did you do that?
SHAWN STEFANI: This wind -- or this golf course actually plays, sets up for a southeast wind. We had like a north, northwest wind today. Lot of your harder holes were playing more difficult today.

So, you know, it makes it a little tougher although the golf course is a little soft in a different wind. It does make the golf course play a little softer but with the softer conditions it allows you to kind shoot a lower score as well.

Q. T-13 last week and now we're in Texas, your home state. What's your level of comfort this week?
SHAWN STEFANI: Just love playing in the great State of Texas, being from here and I've got a lot of friends in the Salesmanship Club. I just love being here and especially in Texas and got a lot of friends out and stuff that come and watch. So, always feels good being here.

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