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May 9, 2019

Matthew Jordan

Hillside, Southport, England

Q. Did you expect that, a 63 here on the opening day at the British Masters?
MATTHEW JORDAN: You never quite expect it. I knew I had been playing quite well and I knew from the get-go, it just started approximately and from then on, kept it going. I just tried to shoot as low as I could because I thought the guys out there, they are good, as well. Just to keep going.

Q. Tommy Fleetwood, who I believe you know quite well, mentioned you're quite capable of low rounds and you've been meaning to get a low round under your belt this year and what better place to do it.
MATTHEW JORDAN: Yeah, I played with Tommy a couple times, a really, really nice guy. I actually managed to shoot 10-under on The Challenge Tour a couple weeks ago. There, I got the feeling how to shoot low. I had shot low previous to this, but on this stage to go and do it and on this kind of course is impressive, to me, anyway.

Q. Correct me if I'm wrong, plus seven was your handicap before you turned pro?
MATTHEW JORDAN: I got to plus seven for two weeks and realised it was quite hard and went back to plus six. But yeah, I got there for a couple weeks, so that's what I'll tell everyone.

Q. Tommy mentioned it's a big step from turning pro. A lot of players often notice the change. How have you found it in the short period of time?
MATTHEW JORDAN: I missed a couple of changes. The depth is really good, how one shot matters so much more. So for me, yeah, it's just experiencing it, learning, seeing the types of courses that they play, and I think just being involved in these kind of events just improves you because you've got to go out there and do it. You know those guys are here, so why can't you.

Q. How do you find these kind of events? We hear a lot of guys from coming from The Challenge Tour, they say it's a such a big jump up. This isn't your first European Tour event --
MATTHEW JORDAN: No, this is my ninth, I think it is. I mean, they are all fairly different kind of courses. I'm just used to this links kind of ground, so I know what it feels like.

Yeah, there is a difference, obviously, but at the end of the day, you're still playing golf and you build confidence shooting good scores and you feel like you can go and do it anywhere.

Q. The birdie on 13 today, you walked off there pretty cool. Were you as cool underneath as you looked?
MATTHEW JORDAN: Probably not, no. It's funny, you start to realise you're doing quite well because more people turn up and you see a couple of cameras, but it's funny, I was nervous maybe for a couple of holes, like around 11 and 12, and then I settled back into it which was strange. From 13 onwards, I felt how I just started the rounds.

Q. Am I right in thinking you're a Liverpool fan?

Q. Is Tiger Woods your idol?

Q. Which went the most to you, his win at the Masters or this last win --
MATTHEW JORDAN: Oh, come on, I mean, that's too tough. I think I'd say Tiger because I'm on a golfing stage. If I was near Anfield, I think I'd have to see Liverpool.

Q. When you turned up this morning, did you have anything like what you just achieved in mind?
MATTHEW JORDAN: Not quite. I didn't set in stone that I needed to go out and shoot this kind of score. I think if I get off to a good start, which I did, that just sets the rhythm of the round and you relax and you just get into it. For me, that's all I concentrated on was trying to start well.

Q. It was always going to be a huge week. Just sort of to rewind, at what point did you know you were going to be in the field, and how much on your mind was the build up?
MATTHEW JORDAN: I found out Sunday. I got an invitation then which I'm very thankful for, just to have the opportunity. So I got it then and I guess because I'm quite close to home, I'm staying at home, so I've been able to rest quite well.

I guess the later you find out, the better, really, because you start thinking about it and,.

Q. You're a big Liverpool fan. Are you thriving off Tuesday, as well?
MATTHEW JORDAN: Yeah, I didn't expect that it. I just watched it, and again, that takes your mind off it, really. Everyone is talking about the game instead of the golf.

Q. What were your emotions when you stood on the first tee? Obviously this is the biggest event of your life today?
MATTHEW JORDAN: Yeah, I felt all right. First tee shots are always just kind of more anxious, not nervous, because you just want to get going, because as I say, it's just a good event. As anxious as I can be on a first tee shot but apart from that I was okay.

Q. You did get it going, so when that momentum was going, what was going through your mind?
MATTHEW JORDAN: Just to keep going because I knew that the rain was going to ease off. I thought even if I was at 7-under through 11, I thought someone is going to shoot that, at least. It was just keep going and try to not think about what's behind.

Q. You do have a knack of going low when you're in the mood. What is the key to all that?
MATTHEW JORDAN: To be honest, that's only really recently. Because I play at Hoylake, you kind of get used to shooting 1- or 2-under off the championship tees. Coming in, it's a great score. I guess it's just a skill that I've had to acquire, and yeah, okay, I shot it two weeks ago, and because of that, I can feed off that experience, really.

Q. And speaking of mind-set, what is it now for the remaining three days to build on this?
MATTHEW JORDAN: Yeah, I mean, it's only 18 holes. So I'm just going to do what I need to do now and kind of refocus because I know it's going to be tough tomorrow, and people are going to want to get home and say well done. I think after today comes, just refocus tomorrow and get into that mind-set to go again really and today is a different day.

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