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May 9, 2019

Matt Wallace

Hillside, Southport, England

Q. 7-under 65. How did you find it today?
MATT WALLACE: Well, conditions-wise, it was favourable. I think the pins were accessible in areas, but you've still got to do it and I'm very happy with that start because I've had a few missed cuts and I haven't played great. I worked hard the last couple weeks and it paid off so I'm very happy.

Q. I know you came back to the team and said we needed to work on a few things after you put in some performances in America. What's changed for you on your team?
MATT WALLACE: I have a new strength and conditioning program, two guys -- well, a well known guy to golf in Stephen MacGregor who helped Westy and Rory McIlroy, get them to world No. 1, and I've added Steve to my team and another guy called Harry who is my physio and trainer.

At the moment, it's more assessment than actually changing some stuff, but just to know that they are there on my team and backing me and we are going to get cracking from now on, and more talking about the bigger picture rather than just this week sort of thing.

So not putting too much pressure this week to go and play. It's more about the bigger picture and hopefully down the line we can get some big wins.

Q. What was it like in general? I saw you helping Westy with his birdie putt.
LEE WESTWOOD: I said to him, you're going to go to school on this, aren't you? Said, hopefully I can make it -- he said, do you want me to go first -- then I missed it and he made it, so we had a little bit of a laugh there.

But it's so good playing with him because I've grown up watching him all the time, and playing with him, you really get to see how he strikes it and how he plots his way around a golf course. That 6-under for him was relatively simple, starting off with four birdies, should have been five.

Yeah, it's really nice to play with him and good to get one up on him today.

Q. He's only played two tournaments in the last few months, and to come through with 66?
MATT WALLACE: I haven't asked him for advice. You know, I've asked a few fair pros out there but maybe Westy is the next one, how to flush his iron shots like he does.

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