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May 7, 2019

Angelique Kerber

Madrid, Spain

ANGELIQUE KERBER: I have to say that I withdraw tonight and it's because of my right ankle. I twisted it this morning during my practice and yeah, I think it's not too serious. But yeah, I'm not able to give today everything and that's why, yeah, I decide to be safe for the rest of the clay court season.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you give, like, an explanation of kind of the movement that happened that when you turned your ankle this morning?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: Yeah, I was running and then I twisted a bit and I was... Because I know that you never know on clay and whatever, and then we checked it. But I will fly home tonight or tomorrow morning and I will see. And I will just, yeah, speaking with my doctors and everything and check everything, but I will try of course to get as soon as possible on court again. But yeah to being safe and on clay, you have to be 100 percent to run and everything.

So, that's why, yeah, it's of course not an easy decision, especially here in Madrid.

Q. You think this is a decision that you make with experience, too? You have been through this before, maybe you know if you play, you take too much of a risk, right?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: It is of course experience and it is always for me especially not so easy to withdraw from tournaments and I mean, I tried everything also here with the physios, with my physio and my team, and me we decide okay the clay court season is still a few weeks ahead, we have a lot of things to do still and to be really safe and to not making, like, overtraining, overmatches and overdoing it.

Yeah, I said okay, maybe it's better for the next weeks to save it.

Q. What are the pain levels like? You walked in fine. So...
ANGELIQUE KERBER: (Laughing) I tried. I tried. I cannot really walk without pain, so this is why I really said okay, it's better to not risk it because I feel it when I'm walking and this is a not a good sign to going on court and giving everything, two or three hours running out there.

Even if I walk, I feel the pain, so it just happened a few hours ago.

Q. Just the viral illness and now this. How frustrated are you just with all of this kind of coming at this season? And also are you concerned at all going forward with Rome and especially at Roland Garros?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: Of course, it's not the best clay court preparation. I think it's the worst I ever had (smiling) and I was looking forward this year to the clay court season and now first with the virus, now with the ankle, it's not really good sign yet.

But I'm trying. I have still one week to Rome, so I'm going home trying everything I could to be as soon as possible on court again and we have still a few more weeks so hopefully, yeah, I can be ready for the next big ones.

Q. Honestly, how big are the chances for you to play in Rome?
ANGELIQUE KERBER: In Rome? I hope they are big chances to play in Rome. I mean, I have to say now, to see the next few days how it's recovered, how I feel the pain or what exactly it is at home. But, I mean, I have still a few days to go. It's still one week and, yeah, I mean, if it would be tomorrow, or two days, I would say the chances are not so good. But if it is, like, one week, the chances are bigger. Thank you.

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