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April 30, 2019

Ellen Secor

Katrina Prendergast

Jacksonville, Florida

Q. (In progress.)...as you hoped to be, and yet at the same time you put up a valiant defense of your championship.
Just tell us a little bit about the match. It was very back and forth. You had a lead and they came back and birdied -- they took a lead. 16 put them 1-up, right?


Q. Birdie as well?

Q. So 0 for 1 with birdies, that's got to be...
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah, that was the difference from yesterday. Yesterday we were trying to make pars, but today had to win with birdies for sure.

ELLEN SECOR: Uh-huh. Yeah, it was very up and down. Hats off to them. They made every -- I mean, we were already in for par and they would have a 10-footer for par and just make every one.

KATRINA PRENDERGAST: For sure those girls made a lot of putts.


Q. So you were making comfortable pars and they were scrambling, but they just nailed a lot of putts?
ELLEN SECOR: Nailed a lot of putts, yeah, and then one of the girls was just nailing birdies from 15 feet and in, so...

KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah. They made a lot of putts. Their short games are amazing.

ELLEN SECOR: Yeah. It was a good match. Those are the matches you want. That's the true test of if you can be the champion of this tournament or not.

So that's what we wanted. When you play match play you expect them to make everything. So it's tough to lose like that instead of like 4 and 3, because you lose 4 and 3, yeah, makes sense.

To lose like that hurts a little bit, but we gave it our best try. We went down swinging. You know, can't really...

Q. How about the putt on 18?
ELLEN SECOR: Oh, my God. I told KP, I think I told her five times, she's the only person I wanted putting that putt. If I had anybody on my team it would be KP, because her stroke is so awesome. You see the takeback and I'm like, It's already in, and anybody who would be teammates with her would know that.

You know when she putts a good stroke on it. Right when it came off the blade I was like, Oh, that's money. She makes it. KP usually doesn't show a lot of emotion, but she started screaming, Yeah, let's go! It was awesome.

KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah, it was pretty fun.

Q. So when you got up early, what gave you the indication, okay, this is not going to be one of those, okay, we're going to just march to 4 and 3 victory? As you go further into the bracket it's going to probably be that way.
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah, I think that's true. Once you get further in the bracket the competition gets better and you've got to make birdies to win, so.


KATRINA PRENDERGAST: And that's kind of what...

ELLEN SECOR: Yeah. When we got 2-up I think stuck two birdies -- I had two birdie attempts. That's how we got to 2-up. The first one was like five feet and the second one was like two feet. Then we tied with birdies two holes later, and those were like six feet.

So was it like you really had to be sticking those shots and making birdies to win. That's I think -- when we got 2-up I was like, Okay, it's birdies now. You're not winning off pars in this tournament or in this match.

Q. So maybe it's very fresh in your mind now, too, but just how do you feel about the week? You came back and put up a great defense.
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah. I think we went out there and played our hearts out, honestly. We went down we still had the heart to make a putt on 18 to go to extra holes. We're a good team. We ham and egg it so well it's incredible. I don't even know how we do it, but...

ELLEN SECOR: Yeah, it's crazy. And I think coming into this week we haven't been playing as well as we should be, so for us to play really well, shoot 5-under in stroke play, not saying I didn't expect us to do it, I definitely did, but it's definitely helps us.

Q. You were 4-over.
ELLEN SECOR: Yeah, we were 4-over. I think that's the coolest part, is that we were 4-over. It's not how you start, it's how you finish. That was the big thing for this week. When we got down one after the 1st hole or something, you know, you keep going.

Q. Sure. Absolutely.

Q. So what's next?

ELLEN SECOR: For her a nice week off. I'll be qualifying for the Women's Open next week.

Q. Excellent.
ELLEN SECOR: With my dad on the bag again over in Colorado. Then I have the Colorado Women's Open later in May, so I'm very busy.


ELLEN SECOR: Yeah, yeah.

Q. Summertime; hoping to qualify for Women's Am?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Women's Am, yep. We'll trying to qualify for that. Going to the US Open because we'll be honored there as well, which is so cool.

Q. That'll be great.
ELLEN SECOR: Yeah, we are very honored to be recognized at that event especially, so that'll definitely be the highlight of our summer. I'm already going to say it.

KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah. I mean, we've both never been to an LPGA event, so I think it's going to be awesome for us.

ELLEN SECOR: Yeah. Yeah, it'll be really cool.

Q. Play on Monday?
ELLEN SECOR: Yeah, we play on Monday after the US Open at Pebble Beach.

KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Q. You're not going to pass that up.

ELLEN SECOR: No. What's funny about that is the Oregon Women's Am starts on that Monday, and I found out that I would be playing Pebble Beach and I'm like, I'm going to have to give up my (indiscernible) at the Oregon Women's Am and go and play Pebble, because you never get those chances in life.

Q. I think you made the right call.
ELLEN SECOR: I think I did, too.

Q. You play that Monday?
ELLEN SECOR: Yeah, especially with my dad. Yeah, it'll be fun.

Q. Who are you bringing?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: My dad, too. Family will come to watch, but I think for Monday it's just me and my dad.


Q. That's wonderful. You guys have been great champions.

ELLEN SECOR: Thank you.

Q. Nice to have you back and have such a great defense. You obviously rallied from a slow start, and you did that last year, too. Like you say, it's not how you start, right?
ELLEN SECOR: Right, exactly. Ram tough.

Q. Just real quickly, the 20th hole, just how did it go down?
ELLEN SECOR: I hit it right off the tee; tried to punch out. I had 80 yards in. Hit it to about 12 feet; missed the par putt and made bogey.

KATRINA PRENDERGAST: I was in the fairway and had like 135 out; hit 9-iron. It was just long over the green kind of in the thicker rough if you want to call it.

Q. Yeah, yeah.
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: But I putted it and then missed like a five-footer.

Q. Went by the hole?
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah, breaker to the right.

ELLEN SECOR: That thing just kept on.

Q. What do you think about the golf course?
ELLEN SECOR: Oh, I love the golf course.

KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Right? If I could play this every day...

ELLEN SECOR: Yeah, you know, USGA really hits the nail on the head with picking golf courses. It's tough enough but not too hard. That's what I've learned over being in -- oh, my gosh, I think I've played in -- this is my seventh USGA event.

As you play in more and more you realize, okay, it's not too hard. My nerves were just out of control my first couple USGA events, and then you kind of get the swing of things.

So when you get to courses like these you know where the tough parts are. For this course it's the greens, but I appreciate that. I think that's what makes these courses beautiful in my mind.

Yeah, this course...

KATRINA PRENDERGAST: I think the more you play it the more you...

ELLEN SECOR: Get accustomed to it.

KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah. I mean, this course is hard. Every green is elevated. There are false front on every side of the green, so you have to hit good shots into there.

Q. I think a couple people mentioned firm and fast conditions out here are just not something they're used to seeing on a regular basis. There is an adjustment.
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah. Oh, yeah. I only really experience that at USGA tournaments. The course we play for -- actually I guess a couple tournaments a year.

ELLEN SECOR: A couple tournaments.

KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Our Mountain West tournament they had just played the ANA the week before we got there, so they were in really good shape, hard and fast.

But other than that, I think it's only the USGA tournaments that I really see the greens firm and fast like that.


Q. Obviously you folks adjust pretty quickly.
KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah, I mean, we usually only do one practice round because we're missing so much school as it is. We came here Thursday night and played one on Friday. I mean, it kind of sucks just because you learn golf course the more you play it, so...

I think after the first day we realized, Okay, well, middle of the green is not a bad play.

Q. You're quick studies, as they say.


Q. You see the hole and you go Okay. You probably already know what the hole locations...
ELLEN SECOR: Yeah, yeah. I love this course.


ELLEN SECOR: Wish we were playing it this afternoon. That's the toughest part about this whole thing is that we don't get to play through tomorrow. That's like with El Cab last year. It was so fun playing it every day because you got to play that awesome course every day.

So to end it, it was just... Yeah, I love this course.

Q. We well wish you could have been out there again this afternoon.
ELLEN SECOR: Yeah, same here.

KATRINA PRENDERGAST: Yeah. Thank you so much.

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