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April 28, 2019

Draymond Green

Oakland, California: Game One

Warriors - 104, Rockets - 100

Q. Can you talk about what you all were able to do to limit Clint's effectiveness on both ends?
DRAYMOND GREEN: Well, on the offensive end, just try not to give up lobs. He's such a great lob threat. And so just really try to take that away.

And on the defensive end we just played the way we play. We attacked the rim. We drive and kick and we just stuck to that. That doesn't matter who it is guarding or who's on the floor, that's what we're going to do. So that's all it was.

Q. How much did you really want to set a tone, pressure, creating second chances and giving energy on [inaudible]?
DRAYMOND GREEN: That was important. We played less than 48 hours ago to close out the last series. So one thing that can't be lacking is energy. And obviously, as I always say, that's the department that falls on me. I can't expect everyone else to bring that if I'm not bringing that energy. So I just wanted to start off the game that way and try to set a tone for this series.

Q. Steve has gone with Andre in the starting lineup before, but usually later in the series. Did you feel maybe this was a sign, a signal to you guys that this series has to start with you guys ready to go right from the start? Was it a little signal to you?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I think so. So many times you kind of go in the series and you wait to take a loss to make that first adjustment. I think we just got ahead of it. We're at home. We don't want to start off 0-1. So that can kind of change the tone of an entire series. So that was big for us. And I think it worked to our advantage tonight.

Q. When you walked off the floor after this game, were you thinking about the things you liked, didn't like? What did you see from the way you guys played in general, both sides, good and bad?
DRAYMOND GREEN: We turned over the ball way too much. And we fouled way too much. I think if we can cut those two things down, which I know we can, because it's a complete focus thing, I think that will give us a much better chance in this series of controlling the pace of the game. Just really controlling the entire series. Those are two key, important factors that we need to be better at.

Q. What did you like?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I liked that we won. That's all that really matters.

Q. James Harden, after the game, said he just wants a fair chance, that the refs need to call the game the way it's supposed to be called.

Q. He just wants a fair chance; the refs need to call the game the way it's supposed to be called, specifically talking about closing out on 3-pointers felt he was fouled?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I've been fouled by James on a James 3-pointer before. No, I ain't going with that one. I'm straight. No.

Q. [Inaudible]?
DRAYMOND GREEN: He also could have possibly shot 20 less free throws. We reached quite a bit. But if that's the case, we could have shot 20 more free throws as well. So it is what it is.

I think we can all sit here and complain about calls after every game. That's just the nature of the game we play. Referring is an inexact science. So it is what it is.

Q. The landing spot is going to be a topic for the next 48 hours. Do you have to go into Game 2 knowing that being a little bit more careful around the 3s at all?
DRAYMOND GREEN: No, I'm going to contest his shot. Gotta contest the shot. When you land three feet ahead of where you shoot the ball from, that really ain't my issue. So it is what it is.

Q. I know playoff basketball is more intense than regular season basketball, but tonight, in particular in this series, seemed like the intensity was at another level, especially ramped up from last round. Did it feel more intense than a second-round matchup typically out there when you were playing?
DRAYMOND GREEN: I mean, you're not out there, like, oh, man, this feels like more intense than any other second-round I played. It feels more intense than any first round, but that's with any series.

The conference finals is going to feel more intense than this, I don't care who you really play that's just the way the playoffs goes. With every series the focus is a little more focus, and the intensity level is raised a little bit.

So that's just the nature of the playoffs. I don't really go out there thinking like, oh, this one's different than last one or different than any other second round I've ever played in, just more intensity than the last series, which is normal.

Q. Coach Kerr said that these two teams know each other so well; there's no surprises really, you know what the other team is trying to do. In terms of the turnovers on both sides, I know you mentioned focus, but was that part of it, that you guys kind of knew where the other team wanted to be on the court?
DRAYMOND GREEN: You know, when you play someone as much as we've played them, you know what they're trying to get to and they know what we're trying to get to. And you can know that and still not stop it.

The game usually comes down to more than what we know and what they know. It usually comes down to a few loose balls -- who is making those extra effort plays, who is getting the 50/50 balls, who is cleaning up the glass the best. That's usually what it comes down to -- when a team knows the other opposing team as well as we know them and as well as they know us.

Q. You guys have watched Kevin dominate at times all season. How would you describe the roll that he's on right now?
DRAYMOND GREEN: He's playing great right now. He's being extremely aggressive. And when he's being as aggressive as he's been, I don't think there's anyone in the NBA, or maybe the world, that can stop him. When he's being aggressive like that, that's always a positive for us. And it's a challenge for the opposing team that usually doesn't go that well. I've been on the opposing end of that before, so I know how it goes.

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