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April 28, 2019

Jin Young Ko

Los Angeles, California

Q. Still being able to put together another solid tournament, how are you feeling now that you're off the golf course?
JIN YOUNG KO: Golf course was really good; condition was perfect; then green was so fast, and then like fairway or everything was good.

But I had little loose shot front nine. So I had a lot of miss, but it was a little bit mad and then angry. But I had -- I'm still had great playing on the back nine, so I'm really happy playing with Inbee. She's really good. And then I always learning in Inbee lots, so I'm try more keep focus or practice hard.

Q. I know you said that you got a little mad out there on the front nine. Does your caddie help you stay as happy as you want to be?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, for sure. And then I told to my caddie, My feeling is different like yesterday or first three days. Why? You think why. I think a little bit rushed.

So he said, Change is good for rush. So, okay, I will change a little bit. So I will little fix, and then getting better back nine. And then, well, I got birdies, straight three holes, 9, 10, 11 was good. I'm still happy, and really big congrats to Minjee.

Q. I was going to say, you were right there in contention as well. For you being able to be alongside Inbee Park, what did you learn from her even today out on the course?
JIN YOUNG KO: Everything. She was a little bit loose shot on the front nine, same as me, but she never changed like face - also routine, everything. So that's really great thing.

So I want to learning from Inbee like that, yeah.

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