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April 28, 2019

Matt Every

KH Lee

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Congratulations on a strong finish. What's the key in alternate-shot, a 68 with a double bogey no less?
MATT EVERY: Man, the key is KH is a freaking stud. That's what the key is. I was kind of shaky to start. I mean, I hit a couple good shots early, but he was rock solid all day, and I wasn't feeling great over my irons. I topped one on 9 in the water and it was pretty deflating. But being around him, he has such good energy, I didn't -- it didn't -- usually it would piss me off pretty bad, and I was playing for somebody else. We battled on the back, and it was a lot of fun coming in.

Q. KH, I wanted to ask, I know you're working on your English, how much fun did you have this week?
KH LEE: Unbelievable. I feel like flying high. It's unbelievable.

Q. How much fun is it to play with Matt Every?
KH LEE: Honestly, very exciting. Hopefully I want to choice for English words, but I don't know about it. Just like fly high.

Q. He is a positive guy, isn't he, Matt?
MATT EVERY: He's awesome. His wife this week was so good to us. She made us sandwiches at the turn. She was the best. I'm really grateful KH kind of took me under his wing this week. The way this team formed, my partner took a medical like a couple weeks ago, and I wasn't going to get in on my number into here. My old caddie used to caddie for KH, and KH kind of got in, called him, he's like, yeah, love to, and it worked out great. He's a stud. It's no doubt about it.

Q. This finish may elevate you into the top 5 and get you into next week. If that were to happen, which it looks like it could now, how meaningful is that for you at this point in your career?
MATT EVERY: Well, I don't feel like I should be where I'm at right now in my career, and it's all kind of -- I've gotten in my way the last few years. It would be nice to get in next week, but just having a solid week this -- my year, my driver broke on my downswing in Puerto Rico this year and I tweaked my back, and then I was actually playing great the tournaments I got in going into Bay Hill, and then I had -- it got really cold Thursday morning at Bay Hill, my back was locked up, and I couldn't really do anything. But other than that, I feel like this year has been pretty good.

Q. You seem very emotional right now about this, like being back in contention again --
MATT EVERY: Yeah, it feels good.

Q. It's brought up a lot of good feelings?
MATT EVERY: Well, it feels good to me. I made some good putts coming in that I was nervous on, and that feels good to do that and not miss them.

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