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April 28, 2019

Curtis Luck

Hank Lebioda

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Just wanted to talk about the week. Obviously a great week for both of you two for the rest of the season.
CURTIS LUCK: I'm going to butt in and answer this one. My playing partner was an absolute stud the first three days and took a lot of pressure off me. He did have to like carry me a fair bit, but he was an absolute stud. You know, today we just sort of grinded it out, and fortunately a good putt to finish makes it much sweeter end to the week.

Q. So who carried whom today?
HANK LEBIODA: Curto. Curto did the heavy lifting today.

CURTIS LUCK: I think we were good equal today.

Q. How did you two become tight, Web TOUR last year?
HANK LEBIODA: Yeah, probably the best way to say it. We'd spent quite a bit of time off the course together, which for us, I think we both do a good job on the road of not overworking and not spending too much time at the golf course and actually valuing time away and time with friends, and our third friend Max Rottluff unfortunately can't be up here with us, but we spent a lot of time in coffee shops last year.

CURTIS LUCK: Yeah, and unfortunately we also live together in Orlando, which off weeks makes --

Q. Y'all are roommates?
CURTIS LUCK: No, but we --

HANK LEBIODA: My wife wouldn't put up with that. She takes care of both of us enough on the road that if she had to do that at home, as well, it would be pretty tough on her.

Q. So you three nerd out in coffee shops a lot?
HANK LEBIODA: Yeah, we're turning my wife on to it, slowly but surely.

CURTIS LUCK: I'll get her there.

Q. Where is the best coffee in the United States?
CURTIS LUCK: There is actually -- there's kind of too many, but I'm definitely on the fence with a couple. There's one in Orlando called Lineage that every time I go, it just gets a little bit better in the ratings, but I've been to some great ones. There was an awesome one in Monterey this year at Pebble called Captain and Stoker that was awesome, too.

Q. What about you, Hank? What do you think?
HANK LEBIODA: I mean, I'm biased. Curtis is the one who really kind of finds these places and takes us to them, and they're all good. So you're kind of looking at the margins of what makes a good coffee shop, what you really enjoy about it. There's something about this week, there's a French Truck coffee that was right up the road. It may not have been the absolute best cup of coffee or best cortado that we've had --

CURTIS LUCK: But it was a hundred-yard walk.

HANK LEBIODA: 200-yard walk, we sat outside every day, it was so nice, and we actually -- I think it's fair to say we communicated fairly well and made somewhat of friends with the guys that were working in there. We're only here for six days. So French truck coffee was really good. The one he mentioned back home in Orlando, Lineage, you can't go wrong, plus you're at home.

Q. So where do you two play a lot, is it Lake Nona?
HANK LEBIODA: I'm at Lake Nona, he's at Isleworth.

Q. So what was the prep like for this week? You obviously had a great week, T4 right now.
CURTIS LUCK: We played alternate-shot last week on Tuesday I think it was at Nona, destroyed fellow player in the field Sam Horsfield. Poulter wasn't his partner at the time, but we did kick his ass. And really glad to see we kicked their ass today by one shot.

HANK LEBIODA: And we did play later on in the week at Isleworth, as well, did a little better ball practice.

Q. Does this give you two confidence for the rest of the week as obviously rookies out here trying to find your way?
HANK LEBIODA: One thing I've noticed, and I've been very fortunate enough to kind of grow off of, there's no reason to not be confident. We've earned our right to be out here. We're not proving anything to anybody. We've been playing well all year, it's just a matter of are we going to put four rounds together at the same time in a row.

Does it build confidence moving forward? Yeah, of course, I think it will, but this isn't the sole reason why we're going to play great the best of the year. We're going to play great the rest of the year because we're great players.

CURTIS LUCK: And we've just got to keep chipping our way out of this Web category. It's not always that easy getting into big events with the bigger purses all the time. So to have a good result here and get some points on the board, it's nice.

HANK LEBIODA: It won't hurt.

CURTIS LUCK: It never hurts.

Q. It's huge for the FedExCup, too, right, your standing there the rest of the year?
HANK LEBIODA: Yeah, I would love to spend a week up in -- where is it, New York this year, for the Barclays? We'd love to spend -- I think we can find a pretty good coffee shop up in New York.

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