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April 27, 2019

Stacy Lewis

Los Angeles, California

Q. Had to be a nice call to get.
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I got a call from the USGA this morning. We slept through the night and I got a call from the USGA. It was a great morning. I'm going to get to play in the open this year, and going forward they're going to look at their maternity policy.

I'm excited. Kind of work for all these things, and it's nice to finally see a change happening.

Q. Think you'll be able to be involved in those discussions?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I told them on the phone that I would love to help and provide input going forward on what the maternity policy would be. I think their biggest challenge is finding one that works across all their events. I think they realized that once they really started diving into it.

I am glad that they're just taking time to get it right and do it right the first time.

Q. It's more than you. It's Brittany, it's other players having the opportunity.
STACY LEWIS: Right. Yeah, I had a text from Karine already, and Brittany I think might get to play this year and not have to worry about it.

It's really more about going forward. It wasn't about me personally. If I didn't play this year and it caused things to change, that's great, too. So I'm just glad it worked out in my favor this time.

Q. Just the round today, hoping for some more putts to fall?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah, just didn't putt very good again. I am excited with the way I'm hitting the ball though just going forward, what's coming over the next month or so. If I can get a few more putts to go in, be right where I need to be.

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