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April 27, 2019

Rory Sabbatini

Brian Gay

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. The early wake-ups and starting and stopping the play, how has the flow worked out this week?
BRIAN GAY: It's not much fun. I feel like I've been here two weeks already. I think I've warmed up at least five times, so it's been a bit tough, early early mornings and a lot of sitting around.

Q. How have you guys been able to overcome that and keep your composure?
RORY SABBATINI: Exactly. As I said to Brian walking off 9, to end up par in foursomes out here is always a good score. We can't get through four rounds without having a mistake. Maybe that was just our mistake going out that way early in the morning, and just going to go out there and focus on being positive moving forward.

Q. You guys said yesterday you have the same game, you keep each other relaxed. What is the best part of being able to play with Rory out here, somebody who's a good friend of yours?
BRIAN GAY: Well, some people like to call us the bionic man because we both have the same total disc replacement in our neck, which I know it saved my career and pretty sure it saved Rory's, as well. That's probably our biggest thing in common. Just fortunate to still be out here playing.

Q. Let's talk about what that's meant to your career to have something as scary as that and be able to overcome it.
RORY SABBATINI: Exactly. I don't speak for Brian, but for myself, I played four years injured and then the last six months, it got to the point that it was like suicidal pain. Not only did it probably save my career but probably saved my life because there was no way I could have lived with the pain I was in. Sentinel has been great. They've been great to sponsor both of us, and it's been great to be out here representing them, and it's really been a life-changing experience.

Q. It's a pretty extreme thing as it is but you guys are athletes and that really tinkers with what your future can look like. How scary was the process?
BRIAN GAY: It was scary before. I had never really had any surgery at all, and the nerve pain was so bad I couldn't hardly -- I couldn't lift a 10-pound dumbbell. I couldn't do anything, couldn't sleep. It was a little nerve-racking going into it, but the surgery was fantastic. It was a quick surgery and a pretty easy recovery, a lot easier than people think.

Q. What was the timeline of y'all's surgeries?
BRIAN GAY: Mine was before Rory and I actually recommended my surgeon to Rory, and he ended up going there and getting it done, as well. I think Rory was probably a year and a half after mine.

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