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April 26, 2019

Stacy Lewis

Los Angeles, California

(In progress.)

STACY LEWIS: I would have liked to have made par there on the last hole, but...

Q. Tell us the difference between the front and the back?
STACY LEWIS: I really hit it good all day. Hit a couple squirrely shots, but it was harder I thought with the wind this afternoon.

Q. Than yesterday you mean?
STACY LEWIS: Yeah. And, I mean, I putted it horrible through the first 12 holes there and just kind of found something with the putter the last six holes and kind of scratched it around to give myself chance for this weekend.

Q. What did you find if the putter specifically?
STACY LEWIS: Basically swinging the grip more instead of letting the putter head doing the work. Kind of too much hinge to it. I wasn't hitting it them solid or with the right speed or online or anything.

They were pretty bad to start.

Q. It was all wrong.
STACY LEWIS: It was all wrong, yes. (Laughter.)

Q. How do you walk off 18?
STACY LEWIS: Pretty happy. I was at a point there through 12 I think I was 4-over that really could have gone bad the other way. So just to still be hanging around the top 10 and be somewhat close for -- we got two more days on this golf course. You just got to hang around.

Q. There are a lot of the doubles and bigger numbers that come up here. Why is that do you think?
STACY LEWIS: Just around the greens and the greens themselves. I mean, they're so much bumpier in the afternoon than in the start of the day.

I mean, it's just not the easiest golf course. I've driven it well which has helped me a lot, but there are a couple tough driving holes. Just, I mean, not that easy of a golf course.

Q. Did you get too much sleep last night?
STACY LEWIS: Maybe. With Gerrod here I got a little more sleep. Maybe I got too much sleep. No, still working on it. Got to let her cry it out I've been told.

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