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April 26, 2019

Rory Sabbatini

Brian Gay

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. How tough was yesterday? I think you guys warmed up three different times. When is the last time that's happened and how tough is that?
RORY SABBATINI: Probably this tournament one of the other years.

BRIAN GAY: I know a few years ago we sat here all day, too. Yeah, it was a very long day but we were able to capitalize on what we did out there.

Q. What was the key to be able to come back out this morning and pick up basically right where you guys left off?
RORY SABBATINI: Well, you know, Brian just played solid all day yesterday and today, and that makes it easy on me to be a little bit more aggressive and take a few more risks out there. He just played solid all day.

Q. Was that the plan coming in, for you to kind of be steady and Rory to be aggressive, or that just kind of evolved based on --
BRIAN GAY: We're kind of playing the way we both play our own games. Rory likes to go. I'll let him hit first and play his deal. I know he's going to be pretty aggressive. He's putting the eyes out of it, and I try to get it in play and get as many opportunities as we can for birdie and hope we get a couple putts out of each hole.

Q. How do you feel like you guys match up together in foursomes?
RORY SABBATINI: Actually I think from the pro-am, I think it felt like we actually match up very well because we've got very similar games in regards to how far we hit the ball, so we know what kind of lines we're looking at. But I actually felt very comfortable playing with him. Obviously it's great having him out there because you know he's always going to putt well, so that takes a lot of pressure off it from the get-go.

Q. If you take golf out of the equation, what would you guys team up best doing, an activity or sport or anything besides golf?

BRIAN GAY: Beer pong.

RORY SABBATINI: Shopping for bracelets.

Q. What kind of bracelets?
RORY SABBATINI: Just men's bracelets. We always have our unique style of bracelets.

Q. What's the most you guys have ever spent on a bracelet that wasn't a watch?
RORY SABBATINI: That wasn't for a wife?

Q. Yeah, that's true, I guess. I guess for yourselves.
BRIAN GAY: $1,000, $2,000 probably.

RORY SABBATINI: Yeah, probably about the same.

Q. Where do you find one of those?
BRIAN GAY: They're out there.

Q. What's the best store to shop to get a bracelet at?

BRIAN GAY: Neiman's. Tribal Hollywood.


Q. You guys have a share of the tournament record now in this format. How does that feel?
RORY SABBATINI: It feels good. We would have beat it if Brian hadn't actually let us down with his putting.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I missed a short one on 16.


Q. How short?
BRIAN GAY: About six to seven feet probably.

RORY SABBATINI: We played great, so it was a good start through some trying conditions, and obviously had to be patient out there. But no, it's early and we've got to keep our foot down and keep moving forward. That's what we've got to keep reminding ourselves.

Q. How much time do you think these teams spend together all week together, just outside of the week, too, like what percentage?
BRIAN GAY: That's a good question. I'd say a fair bit.

RORY SABBATINI: I'd say 60 to 70 percent.

Q. What about you guys?
RORY SABBATINI: Well, he's got his family here this week, I don't.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, he's soloing.

RORY SABBATINI: So I eat at the bar, he eats at a table.

Q. You guys have had different partners in the past. What have you kind of learned in previous years?
RORY SABBATINI: Quit trying to find a long hitter.

BRIAN GAY: Yeah, I think it helps if you know the guy pretty well. It's better if your games match up and if you're comfortable with your partner and you know each other, I think that works better.

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