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April 26, 2019

Graeme McDowell

Henrik Stenson

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. 67 alternate-shot is excellent. What was the key out there for you guys?
GRAEME McDOWELL: You know, this morning was important because we ham and egged really well in the better ball, so 7-under was a great effort because I left him hanging a few times, he left me hanging a couple times and we covered each other well. But no, you know, foursomes is such a different game, and we hit a lot of fairways and we hit a lot of greens and both of us putted well. It was really pleasing to play as well as we did in what I consider the toughest format in golf, foursomes.

Q. Henrik, you had a little rest but you guys came back out and did it and did it awfully well.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I wouldn't say we played our absolute, absolute best, but the few times that we did miss, we were lucky enough that it didn't really cost us too much. My 6-iron lay-up in the water on 18 was one that cost, but like Graeme said, we still hit a lot of fairways, a lot of greens and some good short game shots around the greens and rolled it nicely with the putter. So yeah, it was a strong performance in the afternoon.

Q. Talk about tomorrow; you have to have a lot of confidence going into tomorrow.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I feel like I'm a little away from firing on all cylinders. Have been all season really. Like Graeme said, we were just timing it really well. I think if we want to be here until the very end, we need to step it up a little bit in the better ball tomorrow and go out and have a solid day. We have a long day today. We have a bit of a lay-in tomorrow. It's been a disrupted week for everyone one way or the other, and possibly the conditions for the guys who played yesterday and finished up this morning were a little easier. But we didn't have to sit in the clubhouse all day yesterday. So there's been pluses and minuses for everyone, I think, and we're happy to be at the races.

Q. Graeme, the confidence is back; I see it out there.
GRAEME McDOWELL: Yeah, I feel good. To have a partner like this, he says he's not firing on all cylinders, but I'll take a Stenson not firing on all cylinders as my partner any day of the week. I mean, obviously I feel good on the greens at the minute. I'm hitting a lot of fairways. Henrik hit three chips this afternoon which were just top-notch and we knocked them in and cleaned up some mistakes. I feel really good on the greens. I feel like if I can get it inside 30 feet I can make it at the minute, and that's a big part of why my confidence is up at the minute.

Q. I've been asking a bunch of teams this question: If you take golf out of the equation, what do you think you guys team up best at. It can be an activity or sport. A lot of guys say drinking beer.
GRAEME McDOWELL: We're probably dads because our daughters hang out all the time. Henrik has got an 11-year-old girl, I have a 10-year-old. They hang out all the time. And then we both have four-and-a-half-year-old daughters. So I don't know.

HENRIK STENSON: Taking them to the ice cream shop. We're pretty good at that.

Q. If they had a dad Olympics, what would be the main event?
HENRIK STENSON: I don't know. Back in the day I guess it was changing diapers. I didn't step down on that discipline. I was pretty decent at that.

GRAEME McDOWELL: I'm just about out of that, as well. But it's just probably noise control, you know. Get them to be quiet. Get them to bed at night. Getting all three of them to bed at night.

Q. So you guys have had different partners here in the past. Was it basically a matter of getting rid of the English guys?
GRAEME McDOWELL: Yeah, exactly. Nothing good comes out of England, really. (Laughter.)

No, Henrik and Justin were a fantastic team. With Justin not playing this week, I was very, very pleased when I got the text from Henrik to play with him this week, so yeah, I mean --

HENRIK STENSON: That was before he won, though.

GRAEME McDOWELL: That was before I won.

HENRIK STENSON: I saw it coming. That's why I was out early.

GRAEME McDOWELL: I sent Henrik a text after he invited me to play, and I said to him, I look forward to you resurrecting my career for me at New Orleans, and thankfully I didn't need to wait that long. But listen, really happy to obviously get this pairing. Ian and I played together last year. Ian obviously one of the kids that they look after, Sam Horsfield, he wanted to get him in the field, so he dropped me, but hey, I upgraded, sorry.

Q. How much have you guys actually played together? I should have looked at the Ryder Cup stuff.
HENRIK STENSON: A lot of golf together over the years, and we try and practice some together and so on, but we haven't actually teamed up in anything.

GRAEME McDOWELL: No, we hit a lot of balls together. We share a coach with Pete Cowan. We share the back of the range at Lake Nona. So we see each other a lot. We play a lot of golf with each other, but never played competitively together before.

HENRIK STENSON: When I was in the Ryder Cup, he was out. When he was in the Ryder Cup, I was out. We've been on the same team a couple of times.

GRAEME McDOWELL: There could be a nice pairing coming together here.

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