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April 25, 2019

Scott Stallings

Trey Mullinax

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Long day today but a productive one.
SCOTT STALLINGS: Yeah, we played golf like the Japanese, play nine, take a break, come back, play another nine. It was kind of an odd day. Obviously we played a lot more this morning than we thought we were going to, but to play 18 holes and Trey made that birdie on the par-5 and we not birdie the same hole and come out at 11-under, if you told us that at the beginning of the day, we'd have definitely taken it.

TREY MULLINAX: Yeah, definitely think we both played solid all day, missed a couple of putts, short ones, but made a couple long ones, as well, so we both putted really well. Scott was really good with his wedges. The last couple holes got us in there with some birdies on some par-5s, and I thought we did a good job of taking advantage of holes we could take advantage of and knocking the putts in.

Q. What did you guys do during the break?
SCOTT STALLINGS: A lot of nothing. Sat in the car, took a nap, went in the trailer, hung out with these guys. I think he went and got some Chipotle and a coffee and then watched billions. We were just kind of chilling and trying to just -- hopefully we could get back out there and play because we've got a really exciting movie we want to go see tonight, so we're extremely happy we can go see that movie tonight.

TREY MULLINAX: We were supposed to go at 7:30 to 3-D but now we changed to 10:00 and we got IMAX.

SCOTT STALLINGS: We got a little upgrade.

Trey told me at the beginning of the day, if we've got two holes left, you got them; par-par, you're good.

TREY MULLINAX: I'm out of here.

Q. How many rounds together have you played?
TREY MULLINAX: In three years on TOUR? Probably a lot. I mean, we play a lot of practice rounds. Scott has been a very good mentor to me, been a great friend, awesome guy. We just had our first child, so they're kind of helping us coach through parenting a little bit. He's got two kids, Finn and Millie, and we just really enjoy each other's company. We have a lot of the same interests. He's teaching me a little bit more about working out, so I'm trying to get a little bit bigger like him. I can't do as many push-ups and bench as much as he can, but he's a pretty strong boy. But we play a lot of golf together, and I think we really enjoy having fun with one another. We're not worried about hitting bad shots out there. He's seen me hit bad shots and I've seen him hit bad shots, so we don't really feel like we have to apologize to one another.

Q. If you take golf out of it, what activity or sport or something do you guys form the best team at or what would you give everyone out here a run for their money at as a team?
SCOTT STALLINGS: Oh, man, besides golf. The Redneck Olympics.

TREY MULLINAX: I was going to say, does it have to be something athletic or could it be drinking, anything?

Q. Last guys said drinking beer.
TREY MULLINAX: Yeah, we got into racquetball a pretty good bit last year, but Seamus Power is like a professional racquetball player, so I don't think we can really say that. But man, we just kind of like doing a little bit of everything. We love hanging out with our families. We like getting together. We love going to dinner, going to movies, and we like being active, though. We work out, and then we play some racquetball or we try and go do something.

Q. Do you remember the first time you discussed this partnership together?
TREY MULLINAX: Thursday of Zurich last year. I was not -- he had a partner already and I was not in the field, so I played with Jonathan Randolph, who's also a good buddy of mine. We just kind of decided last year, hey, if we're in next year, we're just going to play together. Been about a year in the making.

Q. Have you talked about it much during that year or was it just like I'll just put it on hold until --
SCOTT STALLINGS: We rented a house -- we kind of knew what we were doing, and we'd talked about it a lot. We played a lot together, but not really discussed the golf course or anything like that, and the last few weeks we've started playing together more and a little bit more focused on obviously the event that we're playing but a little bit more on -- all right, what are we going to do when we get there.

TREY MULLINAX: We did a nine-hole practice round at RBC to help us out, as well. We kind of did some alternate-shot there.

SCOTT STALLINGS: Just kind of something to get used to, and the more you get used to waiting around and not hitting every single hole is definitely something you have to get used to, but it's pretty rare to see some guys in a practice round playing each other's ball in a tournament that that's not the format. It was definitely thought out and we knew we wanted to have a fun week and something we've been looking forward to having a good time. Zurich has done a great job. The tournament and the format has definitely revived the field and made it something where guys look forward to now.

TREY MULLINAX: We're very lucky to get in 18 holes today, so did a great job.

Q. So you rented a house for this week?

Q. Have you guys done that before?
TREY MULLINAX: No, we've rented houses. We've stayed with each other but not that far in advance.

SCOTT STALLINGS: No, we had this a while ago.

TREY MULLINAX: We had this house booked a while ago.

SCOTT STALLINGS: And both our wives and families are like, yeah, we're not going. We're out.

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