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April 25, 2019

Gary Young

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. We're with PGA TOUR rules official Gary Young. You're a busy man today with all the rain that come through this morning, received two inches. What did that do to this golf course?
GARY YOUNG: Overall, the golf course, it's amazing, the sand-capped fairways. The biggest challenge we have ahead of us are the bunkers on the golf course. They're pretty much full of water right now. The grounds crew is pumping them out. We feel like 1:10 p.m., that's when we're planning on resuming round 2, that they'll have the golf course back in good shape.

Q. Local time, that is, but we do have a system moving through this afternoon. What are we expecting there?
GARY YOUNG: Yeah, we're watching the front on the back side of this. Right now our meteorologist is telling us 3:00 range that there's the possibility we could see another round of strong storms that could possibly dump another inch of rain on us. So we're going to have to see what happens.

Q. This time of year in Louisiana, under sea level, timing of this tournament tends to get a little bit of rain. What have been the past scenarios?
GARY YOUNG: We're used to it here. They do a great job dealing with it. Certainly the grounds crew here is well -- they're very used to it. Past scenarios it's always worked out, and that's what we expect today. We're going to play as much golf as we can today and finish up what we have to tomorrow. Hopefully not into Saturday. But I think we'll have enough time to get it done by tomorrow.

Q. Any different decision making that comes with this tournament being team play?
GARY YOUNG: Not really. I think from a golf course setup standpoint, you can be a little bit more aggressive with the setup of the golf course certainly on this four-ball format, and then when we get to the foursomes where it's alternate-shot, maybe not as aggressive.

Q. But when it comes to making a decision weather-wise, you don't have too many things to deal with in that regard?
GARY YOUNG: The wind is always a factor here, as these fronts come through, so we plan for that. The setup men this week have done a great job getting the golf course set up properly to deal with these conditions.

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