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April 25, 2019

Jordan Smith

Rabat, Morocco

Q. Flawless round, what was the real background to success today?
JORDAN SMITH: It probably started off on the first hole, holing a sort of 25-footer for par. I mean, the first four holes, I couldn't really hit a barn door, and just scrambled well for the first two, stuck in there and it all came together at the right time. Hit a lot of nice iron shots sort of close. Made a few nice putts.

Q. Everyone talks about the challenge that this course presents. Obviously it's a beautiful layout with very tough greens, but what was so easy for you today?
JORDAN SMITH: I think, like I said, I hit a lot of iron shots close. I think that was key for me today. I rolled it really nice. That's probably the best I've putted for a longs time and I made -- I scrambled when I needed to, when I missed a green, I chipped on and holed the putt. It was all about momentum for me today.

Q. You had a Top-10 in Malaysia and then a couple of weeks to rest and get ready for this next onslaught of tournaments. How did you keep your form going?
JORDAN SMITH: Obviously the weather's a bit better back home now, so I was able to get out and practise, and saw my coach when I could. Trained and just rested and yeah, it's all feeling good. Done some really good work with my coach, and, well, it paid off today.

Q. Making the cut throughout 2019 so far, but you have higher expectations. You know that you can win. How do you manage that?
JORDAN SMITH: I think you always take as a positive making the cut, not missing the cut. But for me, obviously I want to finish as high as possible, and I want to get those Top 10s, Top 5s and those wins under my belt.

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