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April 24, 2019

Kevin Kisner

Scott Brown

Avondale, Louisiana

THE MODERATOR: Like to welcome Kevin Kisner and Scott Brown into the media center. The two of you have had a ton of success here at the Zurich Classic, 54-hole leaders last year and then playoff loss the year before. What makes you two such a good team, and you got some revenge on your mind this year of finishing the deal?

KEVIN KISNER: We've known each other a long time. We played golf for 25 years together and have tons of camaraderie. He's my practice partner during the off-season and spend a lot of time together, so that helps out there when you're trying to win a tournament or just from a teammate or partnership. It's nice to know each other's games so well, and to know what each do well, and he put me in the bunker on the last hole on the last because he thought I'd hit a terrible shot and I hit a good one, so we ended on a good note.

SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, more so than anything the bad shots don't make us very upset at each other because we've seen each other's bad shots on an everyday basis when we're at home. Yeah, it's just -- we just kind of go out there and do our thing like we do at home.

THE MODERATOR: Do you two remember when you first met and how you two became such close friends?

KEVIN KISNER: I don't remember the first time we ever met, do you?

SCOTT BROWN: No, probably something with golf back in the day at a junior event or something. He went to the other high school in Aiken County, and they had the other best team, and we always got paired together and played together, and then we were traveling roommates when we first started out on the mini-Tours and even on the Web.com TOUR.

We hang out all the time.

Q. Now that you're back here, do you take more from the first seven rounds you played here together or does the 77 from last year still sting a little bit?
SCOTT BROWN: No, I don't think -- we have a ton of confidence just in general. Just our games are so similar that they kind of -- we joke about it all the time, we're at home when we drive it next to each other and we're like, which one do you want to play. But no, I've forgotten about the 77, and I think really we were still in the golf tournament late that day even though we were over par. But you know, it came to a point during that round where we had to try to win a golf tournament and shots just didn't work out.

Q. How would you assess your form coming into this week? Obviously, Kevin, you played well in Austin and you had a T7 at Valero.
KEVIN KISNER: I think after watching today I haven't been able to play with Scott much lately. But it was pretty impressive between the both of us. I don't think either one of us come down here too worried about our form. We know what we do well and we know that we can bring out the best in each other. I think that's what's great about a team event, and if he had shotten 80 every round coming into it, I would not have any different perspective than I do if he finished -- won last week at Hilton Head. Golf is a fickle game and I'm not too worried about form as much as camaraderie and enjoying the week together.

Q. You guys said you used to play together forever. You've probably seen each other hit probably every shot under the sun. What's the best shot you've seen each other hit, and what's the worst shot you've seen each other hit?
SCOTT BROWN: Well, worst shot, Kis had the shanks there for a while when we were first starting out on the mini-Tours. Best shot, I don't know. I've seen a lot of them.

KEVIN KISNER: Bunker shot on 18?

SCOTT BROWN: Bunker shot on 18. I've seen so many. It's hard to pick out just one. But I can think of a lot of the bad ones.

KEVIN KISNER: I always am amazed when Brownie is on these long par-3s that we play on TOUR and hits these long irons that don't curve and go up there to ten feet. Like he just did it on 17, and it's playing 225 into the wind, and he just hit a full iron to 10 feet. I'm like, nobody else on TOUR does that except the world beaters. One of the funniest shots I saw him hit last year was he topped an iron out of the wood chips when I drove it in the wood chips, and it almost hit me after it hit a tree and we were dying laughing at that.

You've got to laugh at this format. The alternate-shot is brutal. I actually prefer it to go the other way and finish with best ball. But it's just so hard out there when you're not hitting every shot to try to win the golf tournament.

Q. Also you guys are teamed up playing golf this week, but what would be the thing that you guys would be best at besides golf as a team, just anything?
KEVIN KISNER: Probably some hunting or fishing. We could have a bow-and-arrow shooting contest, we'd probably wax some people with that.

SCOTT BROWN: Maybe a bass fishing contest.

KEVIN KISNER: There's some good rednecks out here, though. You've got to watch out for them.

SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, we'd be top 10 for sure.

Q. In the past, some players have been critical of the course and the layout. The state is going to sink about $5 million into the course. It's going to close next week for about six months. Could we get both of your thoughts on the fact that they're going to close it, redo a bunch of the greens and the fairways, and do you think that could attract more players in the future?
KEVIN KISNER: I think it's going to be awesome. With the way agronomy has changed, obviously the grasses that you can grow now for this climate being -- that they get a lot of rain down here, it should help a lot, and it should attract some other guys in here.

SCOTT BROWN: I don't think it's so much the layout as much as the condition, the grainy wet Bermuda that we always have. It makes it difficult to chip, and the place is designed to play with run-offs and being able to have a lot of options around the greens, and you just don't have that option with the condition of the grass. So I think it's a great move.

Obviously the bunkers have gotten so small over the years from just the grass growing into them that they need to get them back to the normal condition, and I think it'll help with the field for sure.

Q. Scott, you had an ace in 2015 while playing with Tiger. How much do you use that as a bragging right?
SCOTT BROWN: That's the one shot I get asked about more than any shot I've ever hit. It was really cool. It was a really cool experience. I don't brag about it. I will say that he did tell me when I made it with him that it's the only 1 he's ever put on a card, so nobody has ever made a 1 with him in competition, so that was pretty cool.

KEVIN KISNER: I just wrote one down at the Masters for Bryson, his first one ever, 16 at Augusta on Sunday. It was pretty cool.

Q. How many have you had?
KEVIN KISNER: I've never had one on TOUR. I've probably had 10 goofing off.

Q. What's your walk-up song?
SCOTT BROWN: You're supposed to be in charge of the walk-up song.

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, you surprise us on Saturday, okay?

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