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April 21, 2019

Captain Heinz Guenthardt

Victorija Golubic

Ylena In-Albon

Conny Perrin

Timea Bacsinszky

San Antonio, Texas

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Start with Heinz, if I can. Obviously a tough loss, but you guys seemed to play really well throughout the whole time. How would you rate the way your team handled the American team over the weekend?
CAPTAIN HEINZ GUENTHARDT: Well, we came here to be competitive, and I think we showed we are competitive. And I think in the end, there were a few points here or there. And we would have been in with a shot definitely in doubles.

So I think both matches today were slightly tired and the score showed. I felt like we were in every match, and obviously we won the first won.

So we started well, I think that was absolutely essential, and gave ourself a chance and we did everything we could. If then it's not enough, fair enough. Just the American team was better.

Q. Viktorija, you played Sloane and Madison back to back. How would you compare their games?
VIKTORIJA GOLUBIC: Well, I mean, I feel like they both have lots of power, but they kind of play different.

So I felt like Sloane was more solid than Madison yesterday. But still she was really having the punch with her forehand. So I think they can just both play really, really powerful.

Q. Can you look ahead a little bit to next year back in World Group II?
CAPTAIN HEINZ GUENTHARDT: Yes, there's a lot of talk about the tournament as well. So it's not certain that we will be in World Group II, actually. It could be that they have 16 teams in World Group I.

But obviously you would like to win the Fed Cup one year, and you can't win it if you're in World Group II. That's a pretty obviously one.

So it is disappointing. It's nice to compete, but it's more fun if you win as well. So yes, we did have some fun, but it would have been a lot nicer to win this one.

And in the end, I think we were pretty close, so there's two ways to look at it. One is kind of you shed a tear saying, Oh, I should have won this point or that point. But the other thing is you can look at it in a positive way and say, We were pretty damn close to one of the best teams in the world on their soil.

So it's a further confirmation that we are a team that can beat pretty much anyone, anywhere, any week, if certain things come together.

It didn't quite work out this week, but we're still young. Not me, but the rest. (Laughter.)

And so we're going to have our chances.

Q. Timea, can you talk about today? In the second set it looked like you were going to push it to a third set. She plays awful fast. She doesn't give you a chance, and most of her opponents, to settle in.
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Well, I think I really had some good momentum, I must say. Not much was missing. I think I played pretty well. She did as well, obviously.

Especially in the tie-breaker, the only mistake I can say that I did was my double fault in the tie-break. But the rest I think it took a lot of hustle for me to win a point, and I had to produce a lot of winners as well.

And I maybe sometimes tried too much, but when you have somebody who is very solid on the other side of the net, at least you have to try something.

So I'm glad that I did, but, well, I think she just managed better than me the second set. But I don't know what is her ranking, but I know that she's been winning quite a lot of matches this year.

So I was in that position not so long ago, so I know how it feels. Like all of a sudden, you just don't think. You just play, and that's it, and everything goes in.

And it's just like when you have self-confidence and when you win in the past weeks, you have been winning matches, you just have the momentum and you just play. And I think she used her momentum better than I did mine.

But overall I'm definitely proud of how I fought. And I'm just, of course, disappointed that I haven't brought a point to team. That's my biggest disappointment. But, you know, it's just a tie, and we'll have some more.

And we just have an absolutely great group, as well, showing some amazing doubles skills, as well. But not only doubles skills but just the -- to be honest, I was pushed by my team today to fight in the second set, and I really want to thank them. And I'm really glad and lucky to be part of this team.

So for those two rookies, I mean, it feels like they have been in the team forever. So it's just great because you know that you have a great future for the Swiss team. So I think I'm definitely going to take that as a positive thing for the future.

(Comment off microphone.)

Q. Any surprise at the substitution? Putting in Kenin for Keys for that fourth match?
CAPTAIN HEINZ GUENTHARDT: Personally I didn't really think about that, but the girls were talking about it.

TIMEA BACSINSZKY: We all felt it.

CAPTAIN HEINZ GUENTHARDT: Yeah. So I was still focused on other things and it didn't occur to me.

Obviously they have a deep team, right? Different options. That's what makes the United States one of the best teams out there because they have -- if you want to call them substitutes -- a really deep bench. And that was probably the difference today as well.

Q. One more for Timea. Sonya said when she got to the match point at 6-1 in the tie-breaker she started crying on the court. Did you notice that?
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: I noticed that she was probably cramp, stress cramps. That's why I was trying to play her forehand more. She was getting very shaky. Maybe if I make that point at 6-5, I'm not sure if she closes out second set.

But I tried to make her play, and of course slicing really low. Because when you're cramping, like experience-wise, when you're cramping in the hand, it's really tough to rip those short balls over the net.

Q. Did you notice she was crying? She said at 6-1 she was crying.
TIMEA BACSINSZKY: Oh, no, I didn't notice. I just noticed that she was very shaky.

Well, I came back to 6-4, but I would have loved to be at 6-5. 5-6. But who knows.


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