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April 20, 2019

Dusan Lajovic

Monte Carlo, Monaco

D. LAJOVIC/D. Medvedev

7-5, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your feeling? First big final. First time you win fifth time in a row in a tournament. What does it mean for you?
DUSAN LAJOVIC: Yeah, it's incredible. I mean, I'm extremely happy to be in the finals. Still a little bit not aware of the achievement, but I'm under the impression of the match, but I'm feeling very good and a little bit tired now, but can't wait to go out there and play finals tomorrow.

Today was the toughest match, for sure, so far from many aspects: mentally, physically, and I played a player who is playing very tough, tricky tennis. The conditions today with the wind were incredibly hard, so we were struggling a lot, both. But right now I'm really enjoying the moment.

Q. What happened from 1-5 to 4-0? Tried to be back on game, or...
DUSAN LAJOVIC: Yeah, I pressed the "On" button. (Laughter.)

But with the wind in the first six games I was starting to see where the ball will go, where the wind will take it. This was obviously wrong approach.

So since then on, I just started trying to go forward with my body to go through the ball. And in the conditions like this, it's not easy, but I was able to start to play tennis and not think about the conditions and the things around me. So this was the key thing that changed.

From then on, I won a couple games. Then he got a little bit tight at the end of the first set and I was able to steal that first set. And then in the second set I started playing much better, and he got a little bit tired.

It's good to win in two sets again, and, yeah, I think that second set was very just solid from me. Every game I was fighting for every point and show him that it's not going to be easy, so that's why the result from the second set.

Q. Were you happy yesterday when you learned that Djokovic lost his game? Maybe it was more easy in your mind for you?
DUSAN LAJOVIC: Well, yeah, I mean, I lost to Medvedev 1 and 2 the last time we played and the only time we played, so I knew it's not gonna be easy, anyway.

But playing against Novak would be mentally more challenging. And in that case, that was the thing that was out of my -- like, I was feeling the only thing that in this case playing Medvedev is just playing another player and not playing somebody from your country.

Anyways, I knew that tennis-wise it's gonna be extremely hard, because anyways, he won against Novak. That means that he must play good.

Q. The final seems you have good chance to play against Fognini, who is leading 5-0, second set. Should be a very surprising final?
DUSAN LAJOVIC: Yeah, I mean, Rafa won so many times here that it's surprising that Fabio is winning like this. But with the conditions today, with the wind, I think that it's not easy for anybody.

It's struggling, and it's just not tennis out there. It's more like who can find a way to put the ball over the net.

I haven't seen a lot of games, so I don't know what happened in the match. But if it's Fabio, then my coach was his ex-coach, so let's see if he knows the tactics and if he can help me out there.

Q. It would be an exciting final for you to play against Fognini. Everything is open, right?
DUSAN LAJOVIC: Yeah, I mean, maybe a little bit more open than Rafa, but again, winning against Rafa in two sets means that he's playing some great tennis.

We know Fabio. When he wants to play, it's really difficult to play against him. Let's hope he wakes up the other Fabio tomorrow morning (smiling).

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