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April 20, 2019

Nicole Broch Larsen

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. Super hot final round. 8-under. Quite the comeback after yesterday's round. What do you think was working so well for you today?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: I mean, the biggest difference was how I felt like in my body and mentally. I mean, I haven't been in that position I was in before yesterday for a while, and definitely affected me. I just got in my own way out there.

So I had a chat with my coach this morning and we decided I was going to go out there today and be a better, yeah, better way of myself. I definitely did that. So that was really nice, to shoot a career low on a Sunday in Hawaii.

Q. You talked about having gone through some mental challenges and working on that side of your game.

Q. You worked on the mental side. Did it help you out on the golf course? Did it translate?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: I mean, yesterday was a struggle and I, yeah, to be honest, I lost it. But coming back today and I was able like even in these windy conditions to stick to my plan a lot better than I did yesterday.

Yeah, it feels really good to finish on a good note after I had two good first rounds and then kind of lost it yesterday. To battle my way back a really nice feeling.

Q. Yeah, bogey-free.

Q. You have to be feeling pretty good.
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, I am. Definitely. I was hitting the ball really well today. I holed some good putts but not long putts and I had more chances out there. But like, I mean, making up and down from the bunker on 18 to get that finally 8-under was nice.

Q. Are you going to L.A.?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, L.A. and San Fran, so definitely a better feeling than leaving after yesterday. Yeah, I feel like my game is in a good place. It's more like between my two ears it happens. So, yeah, I'm feeling good.

Q. What you focus on in the off-season?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: I mean, we didn't do a lot of swing changes. It was more about like rhythm and like commitment things. The whole year last year I was hitting the ball well, but I just struggled the get to the ball in the hole. As I did yesterday, I got manage my own way.

Yeah, that's really been what I've been focusing on a lot. Yeah, when I'm good mentally I feel like I can be out there and play the way I want to.

Q. Who's your coach?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: David Dickmeiss is my coach, and we've been working for eight years I think. He is the coach of Nanna, Emily, and (indiscernible) as well.

Q. What have you learned about yourself this week?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: I definitely learned that if I'm good to myself on the course and if I'm the person I want to be out there, then my golf game a good enough to compete out here.

I mean, the first two days and today shows that. Yesterday, I mean, was really bad like (indiscernible), and then today I was like a different person.

So, yeah, definitely learned that I can be out here if I'm good to myself.

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