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April 18, 2019

Steve Kerr

Los Angeles, California - postgame 3

Warriors - 132, Clippers - 105


Q. What did you see about Kevin tonight?
STEVE KERR: He was aggressive from the start at both ends. He attacked. He said it yesterday, he's Kevin Durant. He showed everybody who Kevin Durant is.

Q. Is this what you were expecting from him?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, yeah. I mean, two-time Finals MVP. Coming off a poor performance. That's what happens.

Q. It seemed like he brought the ball up a lot, is that an adjustment you made?
STEVE KERR: Wasn't an adjustment. He had a different mindset tonight than he had the other night. He set a tone right away. Our guys loved it. His teammates were excited about the way he started the game. I think that was infectious, carried over to our defense, too. I thought our defense was fantastic tonight.

Q. He also picked up two very early fouls. Did you have any thought of taking him out? Did you have a sense he would get as hot as he did?
STEVE KERR: Well, he was already hot. We love the way he started the game. We just decided to keep him out there. We trust him to play with fouls. Not sure I trust Steph to play with fouls, but I trust Kevin (laughter).

You know, the way he started, we just thought it was good to keep him out there.

Q. 43 turnovers in Game 1 and 2 combined. Only 12 tonight. What was the difference?
STEVE KERR: Just smart basketball. Simple plays. No halfcourt lobs. No wild passes. It was just taking what the defense gave us, hitting singles, just continuing to play.

Q. Bogut got 18-14-7. Is this a better version of Bogut than last time you coached him?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, he was already really good. I just like his approach. I like his freedom. I think Andrew is in a really good place. I think having a couple kids, going home to Australia and playing, I think he's just feeling really good about his life and his game. He's freed himself up. He's playing at a really high level.

Q. Talk about Steph's rebounding. Something you made it a point for him to do?
STEVE KERR: He's a great rebounder. I think he had 15 in Game 1. He's a guy who has a nose for the ball, gets a lot of long rebounds because he anticipates really well.

Q. This has been a question for your whole season. How do you sustain whatever this is going forward?
STEVE KERR: We just keep challenging the guys, reminding them of what's at stake. Sunday is the next one. We can take control of the series if we can get that one. If we don't, we're in a tough spot.

We got to just lock in and play the next one. But I liked our approach tonight. I like our chances.

Q. There was a moment in the third where Steph got his fourth foul and Kevin got his tech. That's where you lost it a little bit the other night. How big were Kevin's threes there in succession?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, but it was a different vibe than the other night, even though the lead was similar. The other night we never had control of them during that third quarter. I felt like we had control defensively the whole game tonight.

Lou made a couple shots there in the third, back-to-back shots. That's what you worry about, him getting momentum. But we were able to do a good job the rest of the quarter, keep the lead where it was.

Q. We all noticed when it got to be a 31-point differential. Did you notice?
STEVE KERR: Jarron Collins said to me, It's 31.

Thanks a lot, Jarron (laughter).

No, we reminded the guys at halftime. I don't think we needed to. It's such a long game. That's the thing. When you play or coach in the NBA, or as a fan sit through a six-minute timeout, it's a long haul. There's plenty of time for a lot of wild swings. You just have to stay locked in.

Q. Knowing the mental grind of a championship run, is there some part of you that's relieved that you have a team like the Clippers that's keeping you guys alert and accountable, especially after Game 2?
STEVE KERR: Yeah, we faced the same thing a year ago in the first round. We played the Spurs. We knew going in we had to be locked in because how well-coached they were, connected. That's the same way it is with the Clippers. It's a really good, young team.

Doc has done a fabulous job with them. They have a lot of momentum. You can tell they love playing together. So tonight was a good example of you got to be prepared, and don't get happy when you get a little bit of a lead, let your foot off the gas.

It is good to play a team like this to keep you sharp and make sure you got to play the right way.

Q. After the last game Klay Thompson said there was anger in the locker room. If channeled the right way, it could fuel you guys. Was there any concern how it would be used and did you have to say anything?
STEVE KERR: No. I think we've been through the battles over the last five years. We've faced very difficult circumstances in the playoffs. These guys have been through all that. They felt it. When you have that experience, you rely on it.

Usually it means playing a great defensive game and not turning the ball over. That's what we did.

Q. Kavon obviously has been consistent. What have you seen recently with his midrange shot?
STEVE KERR: I think he got some easy ones tonight early. Same thing happened the other night. The way the Clippers are playing us, he's freed up a couple times. Got a couple easy lay-ins or dunks, tip-ins. If you're 4-4 for lay-ins, that 15-footer is going to be easier next time. He's done a good job of picking his spots and finding his rhythm.

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