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April 18, 2019

Eun Hee Ji

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. Second straight good round out here. What went well for you?
EUN HEE JI: I think it was lucky. I had a chip it in three times. Makes a lot different for me.

Yeah, it was lucky today.

Q. What was the first chip-in?
EUN HEE JI: First one was No. 1 for birdie.

Q. And eagle...
EUN HEE JI: Yeah, yes. And then next -- actually No. 8, right here. Yeah, chip-in.

Q. To get that eagle, how big a boost is that for you?
EUN HEE JI: Oh, that makes a lot different for my mind. I hit it not too bad on No. 18, but I left my first putt really short and just missed the second putt.

So I just keep focus on it and I just want to hit it on eagle. Makes a lot different for me.

Q. How far out were you on that one?
EUN HEE JI: Like 40 yards, yeah.

Q. And then 8, another chip-in there.

Q. How far?
EUN HEE JI: That one was maybe 15, 20 yard. Yeah. I was just off the green from the backside of the green, so I just chip-it from there.

Q. This has been a course that you weren't really comfortable on because of the wind. You figured out something these first couple days?
EUN HEE JI: No. Actually I just kept focus on my game. I hit it well and made a lot of putt from there. That makes a lot different.

Q. A little bit windier today than yesterday.
EUN HEE JI: Yeah, little more, little more wind, so I have to play for the wind couple holes. Some holes that makes a little bit easier because downwind and I got shorter clubs in, so that makes a little bit easier for me.

Q. You kind of made that surge after you made the turn. Was there something that changed?
EUN HEE JI: Not really. No, not really.

Q. What do you expect for tomorrow?
EUN HEE JI: If it's wind like this, it's going to be same condition for everyone. But if winds more than today or yesterday it's going to be tough than other days.

Q. And yesterday the fans weren't really around, but now you have fans waiting for you today. What is this experience like?
EUN HEE JI: Makes a lot more exciting and I get more happy, yeah.

Q. You won earlier this year.

Q. So when you have that experience of winning recently, how much does that help you going into a weekend in contention?
EUN HEE JI: It makes me more confidence, and actually after that I relax more for other tournaments because I won already and I got good position.

Yeah, that makes me more comfortable.

Q. Relaxed?

Q. I was reading your favorite car is a Ferrari.
EUN HEE JI: Just all the cars I like it. Fast car, yeah.

Q. What kind of car do you have?
EUN HEE JI: I have three cars. I got two cars last year from Kia Classic. Yeah, be one for hole in one and one for winner. That car, one of the car was Stinger. That car is like sporty car. That's really fun car.

And one of them is Range Rover, yeah.

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