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April 17, 2019

Kim Kaufman

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. Awesome way to kick start the first round here in Hawaii. Explain the hole.
KIM KAUFMAN: I think we had 163 or 169.

Q. 62.
KIM KAUFMAN: 162, and you just want to carry that top ridge. I made a shot and I actually said go, which you don't usually say on a par-3. Just fell right in the hole. It was just online the whole way.

Q. And you were able to see it?
KIM KAUFMAN: Yeah. We saw it. We all saw it go in. We were early so there was one volunteer out there, but I'm sure she went wild. It was fun. It was great. It was my first one on the LPGA, so kind of cool.

Q. Are you serious?
KIM KAUFMAN: Uh-huh. Yeah, my sixth year. I've been waiting, so...

Q. Well congratulations.
KIM KAUFMAN: Thank you. Appreciate it.

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