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April 15, 2019

Montrezl Harrell

Lou Williams

Oakland, California: Game Two

Warriors - 131, Clippers - 135


Q. Down 31, how do you not lose the heart, the fight, especially in an arena like this?
LOU WILLIAMS: For me, we on national television, got family, friends, people that look up to you. We understand the type of team that we're playing against, so you don't want to be the group of guys being blasted on national television.

Not only that, we've been a resilient team all year. We've come back from some deficits like that before. We live with our hard work. That was the most important thing for me.

MONTREZL HARRELL: Just piggyback off of what Lou said, we definitely a team that don't quit. We compete and play hard all four quarters. I think we did that tonight. When we got down big, we didn't hang our heads. We just turned it up a notch on the defensive end, took away the things we supposed to, made tough shots. Just kept running the offense, kept playing.

Q. What was going through your head when Landry hit that shot?
LOU WILLIAMS: I put my hands up. As soon as he caught it, I put my hand us. Landry is a high-level shooter. I'm really impressed with his poise, just the level of competitiveness that he has with his jump shot.

Coming off those screens, I feel really good about it when he's a standstill shooter. He's just a pure, all-out shooter.

I set a trap, gave it up to Shai, Shai drove and kicked it. I put my hands up immediately. I felt really good about the shot, so...

Q. Lou, no team had ever come back from that kind of a deficit in the post-season. How do you feel about that? Trading big baskets down the stretch, how did you keep going at them?
LOU WILLIAMS: That's a record we didn't necessarily want to have, but we'll take it (smiling).

You get lost in the game. You're competitive. You get lost in the game. Once you cut the lead to 12, you cut the lead to 10, you realize you got a game going. I'm one of those guys that can get hot. I just got lost in the moment.

Q. They made it a point to slow down Landry. Might be discouraging. Did you have to say something to him to keep him moving that at all?
MONTREZL HARRELL: I don't think it's anything we really have to say to him. Maybe a couple times, maybe tell him to shoot the ball a little bit more honestly. I don't really think it's anything we have to pump him up to do. I don't really think it's anything we have to coach him to do.

He's a pure shooter, like Lou said. We're going to involve him in the offense as much as we can. I think that was the focus of emphasis tonight. We need to get him more shots.

He got a lot of great looks. Some of them didn't fall. He definitely made the big-time one. That's what you do when you got a big-time shot, you step up and knock it down.

Q. Trez, you put in a lot of work at the foul line. The cool and the calm that you had to knock those down in critical moments late in the game.
MONTREZL HARRELL: Like I told you out there, I just stepped up, took a deep breath, just went over my routine, just like in practice every day with my Coach Armond after practice. We got a routine to shoot free throws every day after practice, shoot 10, make five in a row, then six in a row. We do it every day consistently. I was just putting my trust into my routine and practice, simple as that.

Q. Doc talked about Pat, when you were down big in the third and fourth was in the huddle, talking to the young guys. He doesn't put up a whole lot of points, but he's the heartbeat of this team. What did he mean to you tonight?
LOU WILLIAMS: For me, it was important for Pat. He's taken that challenge with KD. He's hit that head on. They get ejected the first night, KD fouls out the second game. That doesn't get stat-ed. Doesn't go on the sheet.

That's who Pat is. We appreciate him for his effort and energy, the grit he plays with. That's what he brings to the table for this group, allows everybody else to kind of do their jobs smoother.

MONTREZL HARRELL: Me, myself, I've been around Pat ever since I came in league. I've seen him get up under the guy's skin, just make it tough for them, make it a long night being in the pits. That's what he's good at.

He knows who he is. He doesn't try to do anything outside his-self. That's the best thing about Pat, he's going to come in, jump the game up, talk, aggravate you all game, play right on the offensive end.

We can't ask for our point guard, two guard, whatever you want to call him, three guard, do nothing better than what he's doing already.

Q. At what point in the third quarter did you seize the momentum then believe you were going to be able to come back?
MONTREZL HARRELL: From the start of the third quarter, I think. We went in the locker room, we went over adjustments, what we was doing wrong, where they were getting their shots set. We started making them swing to it people we wanted it to go to. We had to live with if they beat us or not. Simple as that.

We came out second half, did some defensive things, coverages were different. Overall, coming out of the locker room in the second half, we played a lot harder, was a lot more aggressive. We went downhill and played basically Clippers basketball.

LOU WILLIAMS: For me, I just got lost in the moment, to be honest with you. I was trying to cut the lead down. I know we were down 30 at one point. I just got lost in the moment.

I really can't recall a moment that I thought the momentum was changing. It probably was like a three-point game. That's what I kind of realized, Oh, we got a shot at winning this game. I think I went into another, like, place after that.

MONTREZL HARRELL: You willed it.


Q. You have a number of comebacks this year. Is it at a point where when you're down 25 you know you have a legit shot at a game?
LOU WILLIAMS: We just continue to play hard. We just play hard. I've always said to guys, Just play hard as you can, live with the results. We have those big deficits like that, I don't really think we can come back and win the game. We just play as hard as we can to give ourselves an opportunity not to get embarrassed. When it gets to a place like this is okay, doable, that's when your mindset kind of clicks.

MONTREZL HARRELL: I just basically bounce back to the things that Doc has told us, man. When we're playing our style of basketball, we're good enough to beat any team in the NBA. When we're not, we can lose to any team in the NBA. That's basically what I think about the situation.

I think when we started being who we were in the second half, as you see the results, man, we made a big-time comeback. We definitely don't want to put ourselves in those situations because later on down the road you can run out of gas. When we play our style of basketball, you seen what we was able to do.

Q. You have exceeded expectations at every turn. What is it like to get a win like this on a national stage?
LOU WILLIAMS: That's cool. I mean, freedom of speech, right? You can say whatever you want. End of the day, we were a .500 team last year, banged up and beat up. It's no surprises for us. We knew we had talent. But we also understood that we needed everybody to show the potential that we had. Once we have everybody on the same page, everybody healthy, the proof is in the pudding, it shows.

People are going to say whatever they want. This is a world that we live in that everybody, they talk based on reputation, you know what I'm saying? We never really wrapped our heads around trying to prove somebody wrong. We've always just went out there and knew we were a good basketball team.

MONTREZL HARRELL: I definitely agree with Lou when it comes to that situation. Like he say, everybody that was on the outside that was making though predictions about us. Nobody in the locker room, even when we made the trades we made, thought like that or was in that mindset or process.

We definitely knew what type of team we had coming into it. We definitely knew what type of identity we wanted to make on our team. That's what we did. Even when the trades went on, we welcomed those guys in with open arms, got them on the page with what we wanted to do as a team. They fit and gel with us very well.

Like I said, it's a lot of the outside world coming up with those comments, stuff like that. We don't really care.

LOU WILLIAMS: Get a lot more questions when you win, boy (laughter).

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