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April 14, 2019

Aaron Wise

Augusta, Georgia

Q. So first as you wrap up your first Masters how would you kind of summarize your first experience here at Augusta National?
AARON WISE: Special, you know, you don't want it to end. It's crazy the difference in emotions I've had as the week's progressed. From getting here, feeling kind of overwhelmed and flustered, trying to learn this golf course, to playing really welcoming down the stretch, especially this weekend and kind of not wanting it to end and enjoying every second. So it's been such a special week and really happy with the way I played the last couple days.

Q. Yeah, you your first weekend in a major and you have a 9‑under weekend. Talk about the fact that you played so well in the last two rounds.
AARON WISE: Yeah, it was awesome, especially today in this wind to shoot 5‑under was really good and just like I said, the swing kind of started clicking, I felt like I could play a little more aggressive and luckily we had rain this week, so the course played somewhat soft and we were able to get at some pins and was able to play really well.

Q. I know you haven't seen 5 in the past, but you got four cracks at the new 5th hole this week. What's your assessment of the challenge of that hole?
AARON WISE: It's really hard. I smoked a drive today and still had 4‑iron in to a pin that's tucked right over that slope and it's just a really, really difficult hole, it's a hole you probably ‑‑ I think I played it 1‑over this week and I'm really happy with that. You kind of know it going in that even though it says it's a par‑4, if you make a bogey it's not the end of the world because people are going to do that.

Q. How common is it for you to have a 4‑iron as an approach shot to a par‑4 on the PGA TOUR?
AARON WISE: Pretty uncommon, but in majors it becomes more common. Those courses are always longer and that's a really good par‑4, really hard par‑4.

Q. Speaking about 5, how weird was it teeing off and looking back there, I mean so many places on this course are just so packed with Patrons but seems like behind 5 it's just kind of quiet, I don't want to say empty but it's definitely quiet?
AARON WISE: Yeah, you get that a couple times, 12 and 1 tee, you know, it's, that's kind of the cool part about Augusta and you just, as close as they can get some other times, they can't get anywhere near you on certain parts of the course and it's pretty cool experience being out here.

Q. You mentioned the wind, was there a point today where you felt like it became more of a factor out there as it picked up over the course of the round?
AARON WISE: Yeah, probably around 8 or 9 it picked up and I just knew from then on it was going to play really tough. I told myself early, if I could shoot what I did yesterday it would be incredible and I actually ended up beating it by one with that putt on 18. So, like I said, just really happy with how it went and the boys back there are going to have a test this afternoon because the wind's making it play tough.

Q. From your first experience here at the Masters what would you take away from this as you look forward?
AARON WISE: A lot of experience and that's what this place is about it's knowing the course, knowing what you can do to certain pins and I think next year I won't be so uneasy starting the week because I'll have kind of a head start and kind of just know some local knowledge, which is really important around here.

Q. With the difficulty of this course what do you kind of take away in terms of motivating you if you will because you were able to do so well these last two days?
AARON WISE: Yeah, my game's felt close, I haven't had quite the finishes I wanted, but I knew I was moving in the right direction, I know my game's really close, and I think this weekend kind of showed that a little bit. It was really a grind the first two rounds but then I kind of turned it on and like you said, shot 9‑under this weekend, which is great.

Q. When you got the news yesterday about the early tee times how did you adjust your routine and is it something where you're kind of prioritizing either your normal amount of practice versus your normal amount of sleep, how do you make that decision?
AARON WISE: Luckily for me I was off early. It's worse when you're off late and then you got to turn around really fast. So I was already home and it just kind of adjusted what time I went to bed and got up really early, but it's kind of cool, we got to play in obviously cloudy and kind of soft conditions today, which is almost an advantage because playing this afternoon with all this wind, if we teed off late it would have played really firm.

Q. What time was your alarm this morning?
AARON WISE: 4:45. It was early.

Q. You were out there in the dark warming up and everything, is that strange to have the spot lights?
AARON WISE: No, we do that more than you think out here and the early times, it's just kind of something you deal with, you just think of it like you're getting less wind and an easier course, so even it makes waking up early worth it.

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