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April 14, 2019

Bubba Watson

Augusta, Georgia

Q. You're third on the leaderboard there for a second. After Friday's round did you think you had that type of two days in you?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, I mean I didn't feel bad on playing golf, I felt pretty good. I mean it's the same thing that happened last year. I think I finished 5th last year where I didn't start out my best but I played good on the weekend, just got comfortable and started seeing shots better and same thing happened the last two days, you know, and then to let it slide like that, I've been missing the fairway to the left on 17 and today I just I pulled it and it didn't the wind didn't push it back, so it's one of those things where I was overcompensating for what happened the last couple days.
And then on 18 I hit my 3‑wood a lot further than I've ever hit it and it went in the bunker. It was a tough shot out of there. So two bogeys to finish, a little upsetting, but all in all a good week, as of right now top‑15, somewhere in that area, at a major championship, so not too bad.

Q. That stretch on the back you had been so good at it, especially the past two days, what makes you so good in that little stretch right there?
BUBBA WATSON: It's just, you know, if you get the wind right on 12, and when I say right you just know which direction it's going ‑‑ you can hit, it's a short iron in there, so you can somewhat guess right. 13 is always been a gettable hole for everybody and then 14 we just been getting the numbers just right. We're getting used to hitting it a foot in the rough over there, same thing I did in, gosh, I think 2012 I hit it just in the rough and hit it down there and trickled it up to the hole, same way I did today. So I'm getting used to that little bit of rough over there.

Q. What do you take from a solid weekend into a pretty busy stretch of golf coming up?
BUBBA WATSON: I take a lot out of it, but, gosh, I've been struggling finishing golf tournaments, 4‑putted ‑‑ I would have finished 7th in L.A. but I 4‑putted the last hole. Two bogeys here would have been a top‑10 with two pars, so I just kind of let some go, let some slide, so the confidence is there though, just my finishes aren't the best because they look pretty bad when you go, bogey, bogey and you 4‑putt the last hole, so other than that, there's a couple Top‑10s I let slide, but I feel good, I feel energized, ready to go, ready to battle, try to make the Presidents Cup team and try to win some other tournaments.

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