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April 14, 2019

Viktor Hovland

Augusta, Georgia

Q. At this very second you have a 1‑shot lead over Ortiz for the low amateur. How are you going to spend the next half hour, 45 minutes? Are you going to go back out and watch?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: I'm not sure. I'm just kind of in the present right now, just doing whatever I feel like. I don't know. I don't really have a plan.

Q. It seemed like you were going to run away with it, and you kept coming back, and then you stretched out again. Tell me about the final nine coming in, were you feeling a little bit of the pressure?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: I felt really calm, to be honest, especially after I birdied No.1 and 2. I felt really good. Missed a short putt on 3 and then I just started hitting some bad shots and my putter was not very friendly to me. I missed a lot of short putts that just didn't really keep the momentum going. I wouldn't really blame the pressure too much on that, I just hit bad shots at the wrong time.

Q. What happened on No. 9 coming in?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: So I pulled my 5. And I actually got really lucky it went all the way down there. And I had a shot into the pin and I had some branches so I just wanted to make sure I took them out of play. So I tried to poke it around there and kind of bladed it, but it was lucky enough to land on the green. Rolled back down and then I had a really tricky putt coming down, misread it slightly and hit it way too hard. And had about six feet left, just to par, and I should have known that it broke left‑to‑right, because that's where the ball was coming from as it attacked the hole. But it didn't look like it when I was standing behind it and I trusted my line, which was the wrong one, and ended up missing it. So I was a little disappointed with the finish.

Q. I'll read you a list of names, here, tell me if you can tell me what they all have in common: Jack Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw, Curtis Strange, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Matt Kuchar, Sergio Garcia and Hideki Matsuyama, any idea what they have in common?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Low amateur out here?

Q. What would it mean to hold on and join them?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Obviously it would be really cool. There's some really good amateurs in this field this year. And, you know, no matter what happens I'm pretty happy with my performance, just making the cut and showing that I can play out here. I belong I feel like. Obviously if it happens to be that I'm the low Am that would be cherry on the top. But I'm just kind of soaking everything in right now.

Q. I'm sure you'll on pins and needles for the next 30 or 45 minutes.
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yep. Thank you.

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