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April 13, 2019

Joey Logano

Martin Truex, Jr.

Richmond, Virginia

Q.  This is the one that you so desperately wanted. You wanted this one. How important now that you've got the check mark?
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: I didn't hear half of what you said. Just really excited to win here at Richmond. I've always really enjoyed this track. I've always loved coming here, and the short track win, everybody kept asking me when it was going to happen, and tonight we didn't have the best car, but we've lost here with the best car a bunch of times, so we just fought, we battled.
Thanks to Auto Owners. A lot of Auto Owners people here, and Toyota Owners 400 to win here in the Toyota was huge. Got my buddy up there, I just won him 10 grand, and we're just really excited. Everybody at JGR is doing a great job and with Toyota, and just a blessing to drive these race cars, and have an awesome team. So we've been chipping away at it, and hopefully we get better from here on out.

Q. How concerned were you, closing laps, the 22 got by Bowyer and he was in your mirror. You guys do have a history.
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: Yeah, I mean, I was struggling the last 40 laps. I had no front turn, I just was real, real tight that last run. Just had to hold him off. Being out front was important tonight.
But thanks to the pit crew, they kept us out there. They've had a tough year, tough week last week, and we beat up on them pretty good all week after Bristol, and the defensive stop of the year tonight.
So just really proud of everyone, and really happy to get our first win with Gibbs and definitely first short track win is pretty awesome, too.

Q.Joey, how close were you to getting there to either get to his bumper or to get the pass completed?
JOEY LOGANO: Weren't you watching the race?

Q. I sure was. It looked like you were there. I was waiting for the bumper.
JOEY LOGANO: We were close, just not close enough. Ran out of time there. I figured something out there towards the end about 10 laps to go to make up some speed. Probably something that wouldn't last in the long run but something to make up some speed. Got a decent run off of 2 in the last lap. I was like, man, I can figure out where I need to be here, and thought maybe I could get to the outside and roll momentum. I couldn't roll the bottom and get enough drive off of 4 either way, so my only move was to go up, and started getting there and then slid up, and I got tight and I couldn't turn underneath him.
Fun race, just gosh, three weeks in a row I felt like we had a car that could win the race and we haven't won. That's a little frustrating, but when you're frustrated with second, that's a good sign about where your team is at. A couple little things kept us from winning, but overall I felt like we had a great car, just a little bit of execution, things we've got to clean up still.

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