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April 13, 2019

Clint Bowyer

Richmond, Virginia

Q. Hard‑fought battle, and Clint Bowyer brings it home third, and thought for a while this could be your night, but I heard you say you got the wall. How much did that impact your car?
CLINT BOWYER: At the end of the day we drove up to him and you get terrible tight behind people. We was already fighting a front end‑‑ I don't know, we've had trouble with this thing all weekend long and made some good adjustments, kind of woke it up with the rear end, but the front end still wasn't turning.
So everybody struggles. That's what's fun about this place. It is a challenging racetrack. I got to him and I couldn't keep the nose with air on it, and it got really tight, and as I kept getting‑‑ running in his wake, I kept getting tighter and tighter and all of a sudden Joey run us down and next thing you know he's on the outside of you and the rest is history.
If somebody got to the outside, you were done. Joey got me and I knew if I raced him door to door, Kevin was going to get us, too. Know what I mean? I don't know what I could have done any different. Those cars take off with a lot more speed than we've had all year long. We seem to run them down on the long run, but we've got work to do to find the short run speed.
But all in all, it was a good day for us. Just man, dammit, you hate to get that close, but our Fords were fast again, Haas Automation, this car. I always said this car is good looking and I want to get in Victory Lane. I thought this was our night, but have to wait for next time.

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