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April 13, 2019

Matt Kuchar

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Looked like it might have been getting away a little bit from you. And then you go and birdie four in a row.
MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, I was playing good golf. I hit good shots on both 11 and 12 and walked away with a couple of bogeys. And kind of had to remind myself, I'm still playing good. Those were good shots that happened here. And I was awfully pleased to be able to turn the thing around and run off four straight birdies, that was a big boost for me. And just to keep me within kind of shouting distance of the leaders. And I kind of have a long shot at posting a good round and maybe being in contention.

Q. Three or four shots back, you think that's doable for you?
MATT KUCHAR: That's doable. That's doable. Yeah. I'm excited to tee off, one of the last couple of groups and have a chance to be in contention. And golf gets so exciting when you've got a chance to contend for a tournament title, a major championship and particularly the Masters Tournament. You've got a chance to play on Sunday and have a chance to win, golf gets really exciting.

Q. A little bit of rivalry between you and Bubba. Can you talk a little bit about kind of keeping that rivalry going?
MATT KUCHAR: I really don't know the story. What did Bubba shoot?

Q. He's at 5‑under.
MATT KUCHAR: To be honest, Bubba and I were neighbors this week, we are renting a motor home, we're seeing a lot of him. We're good friends. We played last year in the team event in New Orleans, Zurich Classic. We're good buddies. There's certainly a rivalry between Georgia and Georgia Tech, but there's also a friendship and camaraderie amongst the players out here.

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