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April 13, 2019

Tiger Woods

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Did you give yourself a talking to walking from 5 green to 6 tee?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I did. Just be patient. Very simple. The golf course is certainly gettable, a lot of scores going out there. One of the Ams was out there earlier. He was 4‑ or 5‑under. Patrick was going low. Tony obviously was 6‑under through 8. Just be patient. Let the round build. We've got a long way to go.

Q. What did you (no microphone.)
TIGER WOODS: I just did everything. I drove it well and hit my irons well. I made some putts. Like I said, I just let the round just kind of build. And don't need to go after every single fly. Just put the ball in the correct spots so I can have gettable looks and gettable putts. And I was able to do that and I tried to keep the ball below the hole as much as I possibly could. And I made sure that I had those type of looks, and if I gave myself those looks the way that I'm hitting my lines I'm going to be all right.

Q. Down the end of the course and up 18, was that more fun than you've ever had here? Were you enjoying it more? Tell us about that.
TIGER WOODS: I was just playing. I saw the number at 11 Tony was posting. And quite a bit of guys behind me. I think Francesco got to 12 and I was still playing. And so I'm just making sure that I stayed in double digits. And that was the goal today was to start at 6 and make sure I got to double digits and I was able to do that.

Q. You have a chance and this is obviously the closest you've been to the final rounds?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, that was the plan and here I am. Interesting threesomes tomorrow. We usually‑‑ the reward is for playing hard and doing all the things correctly you get a little extra sleep in come Sunday, but that's not going to be the case. We've got to get up early and get after it.

Q. Talk about your mood. You've been in this situation before. But not for a while here at the Masters. Can you talk about how you're feeling right now, you know you want it?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, you know, you're right, it's been a while since I've been in contention here. But then again the last two majors counts for something. I've been in the mix with a chance to win major championships in the last two years. And so that helps. And tomorrow it will be‑‑ it will be interesting to see if that wind comes up like it's forecast, 15, 20 miles an hour around this golf course is going to be test I. And got to be committed, hit the proper shots and then hopefully time it.

Q. Your desire to win, do you have the hunger?
TIGER WOODS: That hasn't changed. I'm just thankful to be able to come back here and play again. My last year was a little step in the right direction and built a season around that and then here we are.

Q. Do you feel pressure anymore or are you immune to it?
TIGER WOODS: No, there's still pressure. The day I don't feel pressure is the day I quit. At least if you care about something, obviously you're going to feel pressure. And I've always felt it, from the first time I remember ever playing a golf tournament to now. That hasn't changed.

Q. Mentally and emotionally tonight, how do you prepare for the opportunity tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: Well, try and get to bed as soon as possible. Like I said, it's an early start tomorrow so I'll get the mind and body ready for tomorrow and get after it a little bit earlier than we're used to.

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