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April 13, 2019

Alvaro Ortiz

Augusta, Georgia

Q. First off, congratulations. I'm just going to read something to you. Tell me what it is. Minus 2, minus 1, plus 1, plus 2. Do you have any idea what those scores are?
ALVARO ORTIZ: Maybe the last rounds of the Mexicans that played here?

Q. No, those are the four scores involving amateurs playing for low amateur.

Q. Pretty serious competition. And I think you understand some of the history of Augusta National, Bobby Jones. So what would it mean to walk away on Sunday night with the crystal for low amateur?
ALVARO ORTIZ: Oh, it would mean a lot to me. I know it's a huge feel and just an honoring of the legacy of Mr. Jones. And it would be special being the low amateur to win it. And the Green Jacket, that trophy is something that not all the people have.

Q. When you come here of course it's to play well and to make it to the weekend. So what was it like today once you advanced to the weekend at that first tee, did you have renewed nerves or did you feel pretty calm about things?
ALVARO ORTIZ: No, I was probably something a little more calm. The cut is not anymore in my mind. I play great today. I hit the ball awesome, I just couldn't get anything out of my round, you know? I got something going on the back nine but I didn't take advantage of the opportunities the last couple of holes and made a bogey on the last. But overall it was a solid round. And I have a good feeling for tomorrow and try to post a 64 or 65.

Q. If you post a 64 or 65, you might be chasing something more than just low amateur.
ALVARO ORTIZ: Yeah, that is my goal after making the cut. Trying to be in that top 12 so I could come back next year. Unfortunately that didn't go as planned. But everything can happen tomorrow.

Q. Tell me about your group of friends that greeted you when you came out of the scoring area?
ALVARO ORTIZ: Oh, they're my friends for a long, long time. And they are my friends I play golf with when I go back home. And I grew up and play golf around the year. And it's special to have them here with me and support around the course and just feel so grateful for them.

Q. What is on their hat, what does that represent?
ALVARO ORTIZ: Chili's, the Mexico restaurant. Everybody has been asking about that. It's an eagle with a circle and a golf ball.

Q. And Viktor Hovland walked by and gave you a pat on the back. You guys I assume all play against each other in this competition. You know him well, and he's currently low amateur?
ALVARO ORTIZ: Yeah, I met him actually a couple of years ago. The first time we played together my senior year, and after that we became good friends and then we play the Palmer Cup together. It was a good time there. And yeah, it's been a heck of a ride and playing against him often

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