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April 13, 2019

Webb Simpson

Augusta, Georgia

Q. 8‑under the last 10 holes?

Q. Something like that. What clicked for you out there?
WEBB SIMPSON: I made a sloppy bogey on 6 and I just kind of had a talk with myself going back to 7 tee thinking about all my bad shots this week have been just some poor thinking and not being really committed to what I decided to do. And I just said hey, if you stay fully committed the rest of the day, you're swinging great, you're putting well, you're going to make birdies and that's what I did.

Q. Paul said you kind of figured out something last year, what did you figure out about this place?
WEBB SIMPSON: After Friday's round last year I think I was 4‑over through two days, I made the cut, but pretty frustrated because I had never played well here. And just decided that the weekend, no matter what, I was going to miss it on the correct side, the safe side, because most every hole out here affords you that opportunity to miss it on the safe side.
And I made up my mind, I didn't really care what I shot on the weekend, I was going to miss it on safe side. And I did that and I shot 2‑under Saturday and 5‑under Sunday.

Q. There's been a couple guys go pretty low today, is there something about the course that's playing maybe a little easier than normal?
WEBB SIMPSON: Couple pins I think are more gentle than first two days and also the wind's down and any time you put the PGA TOUR on receptive greens and low wind, scores will be good, kind of no matter where we are.

Q. Were you thinking 63 at any point or did that ever kind of cross your mind?
WEBB SIMPSON: No, you know you don't really think a whole lot about how many under you are. You're aware but you're not thinking about it. And if I'm not careful, 17, 18 are tough pins today, so I just tried to take care of each shot the same.

Q. Do you think some of the moisture that we received here on property has helped some of the medium hitters?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think so. I mean the fairway's certainly gotten wider and I'm hitting hybrids and 5‑irons into a lot of these greens, so it's a good thing for me, I'm one of the average at best hitters in length and I don't mind having hybrids in, as long as the greens are soft.

Q. Do you think they'll try to counteract some of those tomorrow? How do you think they would do that?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think it's going to be hard because I think we have rain coming tomorrow afternoon. They did tell us there was an option to go split tees in threesomes to try to get it in before the storm, but who knows.

Q. Did you have any feeling that this was going to happen today?
WEBB SIMPSON: Not really. But I was confident after yesterday. I had hit it really well through two days and didn't make anything. And so I felt good that I was going to hit it well again and we just had to kind of tweak the way we were reading these greens. The first day I missed every putt on Rae's Creek side and then yesterday I think I was over thinking the reads with Rae's Creek so we just simplified it today and read it, read them much better today.

Q. What did you do to simplify it?
WEBB SIMPSON: Instead of thinking about Rae's Creek every time, I waited until I was unsure of the read to ask Paul where Rae's Creek was. Other than that I just, you know, instead of saying, I got a cup or just more, I would just pick one, I got it a cup. And so in my mind it was just less information.

Q. The best shot you hit today? What are you most proud of?
WEBB SIMPSON: Best shot I hit today probably 7. I think that 8‑iron right after I hit an 8‑iron left of the green on 6, I had the same number on 7, and just stayed aggressive and hit it to three feet under the hole.

Q. The fact that you hadn't played well here in the past, what does it mean to finally get into the Sunday hunt?
WEBB SIMPSON: It feels good, I've never had a chance here and never taken it deep here, last year I had it going the last round. So it's nice, it's always nice to have a chance at any tournament, but it's pretty special here.

Q. Is it daunting with the leaderboard as packed as it is and as crowded as it is?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I mean no matter where you are, you're going to have to have a special round tomorrow. But I like that there's weather coming in, I like that it's going to be windy and tricky, I think that it's better for me because I'm assuming I'm going to be a few back still after today going into the final round, so I think a little bit of wind and trickiness helps.

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