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April 13, 2019

Xander Schauffele

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Nice round today. How do you feel about your position heading into tomorrow?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: It's fine, honestly. I think it was probably the worst golf I could have played today. So I did a lot of things well and had a few hiccups coming in. I missed a bunch of putts, so it was just a bit of a long Saturday for me.

Q. Well you had the tough hole at 15 there, but then on 16 you did make a putt there, I saw a little smile on your face there.
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: Yeah, that was probably just the golf gods smiling on me, because I wasn't making anything today. So it was nice to have one lip in.

Q. Great shot into 2. What did you use into 2 or, I'm sorry, 8.
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: 8 was just a 5‑wood.

Q. And you have an opportunity there obviously, what was the look on the putt there?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: Yeah, I just wanted some more crystal, that's all I was telling my caddie. So I ran it by a couple feet. But just some misreads, it definitely takes all the misses into account here today for the future, just knowing a little bit more about the greens and the breaks.

Q. This is less turnaround than you would be used to with round four, going out starting late tomorrow.
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: Sorry, come again?

Q. They're going to start earlier tomorrow than normally. Is that good for you right now?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: It doesn't really matter, the whole field's doing the same thing, so it will be interesting, since it's off of 1 and 10, so I'm assuming I'll be off of 1 and we'll be in threesomes. So it won't be as fast as today, but I think we would all rather finish than come back on Monday.

Q. That will give you enough time to rest up, you'll be all right though?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: Yeah, yeah, I think everyone can wake up Sunday ready to go.

Q. Even though you feel like you had a bad round are you encouraged that you're still in the hunt here?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: Yeah, I mean I don't know if Molinari comes in with two more birdies it's going to be a bit of a stretch, but I feel like I just, I didn't score well. I'm playing really well, so I mean there's good golf, it will either happen tomorrow or in a few weeks or in a month, I'm going to do something nice here soon. So I'll put it all together at some point.

Q. At 15 what did you have in?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: 15, I clubbed down and I just hit it thin. I sort of just spaced out and caught it a little bit thin and there was a bit of mud on the top of the ball, which sort of made the ball just dive just a little too much. And I was hoping that it was a little bit wet enough for it to stay on the hill but once I got up to the green I was like, oh, boy, this hill's not even a real thing.
So just, you know, I wanted to hit it close, I could have easily just hit a 5‑iron over the green but I wanted to hit one in and 6‑iron was the right club and if I had to do it over I would hit the same club.

Q. What will be the focus going into tomorrow as far as preparation tonight or what you're thinking about?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: The same, just the same thing. Probably just clear the head a little bit on the greens. Doesn't help to not see putts go in. Especially, like I said earlier, you look at the leaderboard and guys were making moves, making eagles, big roars, and when you're not part of that, it's, it feels like the day gets a little longer, so hopefully tomorrow we can jump back in.

Q. What can you say about Tiger's performance?
XANDER SCHAUFFELE: It's awesome. I think that it's clear to say or easy to say that everyone out here wants him to play well. You look around, you have to wait a little longer on a few extra shots on the course, especially since I was so close to him today to see if he was going to make a putt or not.

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