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April 13, 2019

Lou Williams

Oakland, California: Game One

Warriors - 121, Clippers - 104

Q. Lou, you guys were hanging in there for most of the first half, and then it looked like just a couple calls didn't go your way, sort of lost your composure. Can you take us through what happened there?
LOU WILLIAMS: Yeah, we were competing. I think we were competing, and when you're in a series with back-to-back champs, every possession counts, and you understand -- I understand time is scoring, I understand where we are in the game, and we understand at that moment Steph Curry has two fouls, a third foul would be a pretty big deal for us, and right before that he gets a call that was kind of questionable, then they miss ours, they get an offensive rebound, Galo (phonetic) was vertical, get another call.

So those things kind of swing the momentum of the game, and when you're playing a team like that, it makes a world of difference, and I think that showed with them going into the half with a 13-point lead.

Me personally, I did lose my composure, which is a rare thing, and so I feel like if that happens, it's kind of -- it's warranted.

Q. What did the officials tell you --
LOU WILLIAMS: They missed it.

Q. That's what they said?
LOU WILLIAMS: Yeah, that was it.

Q. Can you talk about the play of some of the younger guys whose first playoff game it was?
LOU WILLIAMS: I think Shai played well. We've got to get Sham and Zu going, obviously being their first playoff game. It can be a little nerve-racking so we've got to get those guys going. Collectively I think all three of them will be just fine in Game 2, trying to knock those jitters off and take their experiences from Game 1, carry it over to the next game, and it will be a better thing next game.

Q. What was your view of the Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley ejections?
LOU WILLIAMS: Just competing. I thought the ejection was too quick, especially being playoff basketball. Everybody knows what Pat brings to the table and the type of competitors that he is. I think it was quick. It might have went quick because of the back and forth they had right before that, but I thought it was quick. I think both guys were competing, and that was it. A little trash talk, you know, and you're a competitor, you work all year to get to the Playoffs, and you kind of want that atmosphere, you want that energy. So I thought for both sides it was too quick.

Q. As a shooter yourself, how do you describe what Steph did tonight?
LOU WILLIAMS: Sounds like a regular Steph Curry that I watch on TV. He's a high-level shooter and being a scorer myself, you really don't get too much in your head about missed shots. Obviously the caliber player Steph is, I don't think he thought much about the first half.

I think the team was playing well enough where he was comfortable where he was and he took it to another notch in the second half.

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