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April 12, 2019

Bernhard Langer

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Nice finish there.
BERNARD LANGER: Yeah, I finished strong. I had three birdies in the last five holes, so that was nice to make up for some of the bogeys I made in the middle of the day or earlier on. Got off to a nice start, birdied the first hole, which is usually a tough hole for me. Then ran into a few bogeys, and finished strong, so that was good.

Q. Looking at the stats you're right up there in driving accuracy, has that been the key to you?
BERNARD LANGER: I'm 40 yards behind everybody. If you hit it short you better hit it straight, right? Short and crooked is pretty bad. No, I've been driving it pretty good, yeah.

Q. So yourself and your caddie have a combined age of 101. That helps this week?
BERNARD LANGER: Yeah, it does help, but it doesn't help make up for hitting five more shots into every green than somebody else, you know? I'm hitting a 4‑iron and they're hitting a 9‑iron. I would rather hit a 9‑iron and have a little less experience.

Q. The long putts you weren't so happy with?
BERNARD LANGER: 11 was more than 1‑putt. I hit a beautiful 2 hybrid to about 30 feet or maybe 25 feet, that's not a long putt. 10 I had a long putt. That was just on the green, and the pin was 25 or whatever, 25 yards. And where else? Anyways, I just don't feel my long putts are as good as they could be.

Q. This is the 6th time you've made the cut at Augusta, which is not quite a record.
BERNARD LANGER: Is that all?

Q. But it puts you up on the all‑time list. Do you care about those stats?
BERNARD LANGER: Not really, but whatever.

Q. Did the course play different today?
BERNARD LANGER: It didn't, a little more soggy, more mud balls. Otherwise played similar.

Q. How about the pace of play compared to yesterday?
BERNARD LANGER: Seemed faster, but we played earlier so it's always faster earlier. It only takes for one group to have some trouble somewhere and it backs up. On the par‑5s, they're reachable for most of these guys, so you always have to wait at the par‑5s until they clear. They came over on the third hole and they told us we're ten minutes behind? Yeah, we waited ten minutes on the‑‑ we waited 8 minutes on the tee shot on 2 and then we made it 4 minutes on the second shot on 2. That's 12 minutes. So no wonder we're ten minutes behind, all right? I mean that's just‑‑ I don't know where they got their information from. They said you're ten minutes behind 10. I said, well, is that my fault? We can't play any faster. Want me to hit it over their heads? You'd think they'd have more common sense.

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