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April 12, 2019

Justin Harding

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Four birdies in a row.
JUSTIN HARDING: On the back nine.

Q. Yes.
JUSTIN HARDING: It was a struggle the front nine. I felt like I hit a couple of good shots but then I hit a lot of bad shots. It certainly wasn't a flawless round of golf. I made mistakes. But as I said earlier, I'm making them more or less at the right time. I got very lucky on 18. But I've generally hit the bad shots in places I can negotiate and manage myself and maybe take a big number off the card, so to speak, and at least give yourself a chance. I'm running it pretty good with the putter, so it's a matter of getting something inside the eight feet and give yourself a chance.
I hit the green on 12 again, which is the first time in my career (laughter) and made a putt. But I guess that kick started me. Managed to put two good shots together on 13, could have made that one, kind of dodged the hole little bit. And then another good one on 14. And then again managed to get it on the green in two on 15. But, look, it was a nice day. I enjoyed myself. Yeah, I want a little bit more on the weekend.

Q. What would your flawless be?
JUSTIN HARDING: Look, I'm not about being greedy. I made a couple of good putts, especially on the back nine to keep the momentum going. Always said to myself looking at the scoreboard that I was there, regardless if not really peaking on the front nine. I think the front nine is the less easy holes. But there aren't too many easy holes out there.
I negotiated it and then managed to make a couple of them. Two par‑5s on the back, which is something I haven't really done all that great this week. I need to get two on the front nine, though, but it's executing‑‑ I didn't really execute all that many today, especially on certain holes and that's why I made the mistakes.

Q. Do you look at the scoreboard, then?
JUSTIN HARDING: First time my name is on it, so (laughter).

Q. Did anybody give you any tips?
JUSTIN HARDING: Look, I picked Ernie's brain in San Antonio last week and he gave me a few tips in terms of laying up, on 12 stay away from the bunkers, but you take bits and pieces. You kind of want to play the golf course your own way. But you learn from others.

Q. Must be loving the 18?
JUSTIN HARDING: No, not really (laughter.) I enjoy the walk up to the green, that's lovely. But getting there is a bit of a struggle.
No, look, it's a funky tee shot for me, I feel as though if I hit a straight ball it's going to go in the bunker. And I can't really move it too much left‑to‑right, there's not a lot of space up the left side for me to move it. I can hit 3‑wood there tomorrow.

Q. (No microphone.)
JUSTIN HARDING: Absolutely. Look, again, I said I've been playing well. It was just going to be a matter of me executing golf shots and handling the emotions. And I feel like I've done a pretty good job of that thus far. And as long as I keep making more birdies than bogeys I'm happy.

Q. (No microphone.)
JUSTIN HARDING: No, not really. Barring the boys having a good back nine, and making 7‑under par, I want to just enjoy myself. I was at 2‑under and putting along, and I made a couple coming in, and 4‑ or 5‑under par was going to be a decent position going into the weekend. I can't really complain.

Q. (No microphone.)
JUSTIN HARDING: I'm probably going to sleep a little better now that I'm not leading.

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