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April 12, 2019

Jovan Rebula

Augusta, Georgia

Q. What do you take from the experience this week?
JOVAN REBULA: I mean, you know, honestly, you know, I can see myself playing on Sunday. The score doesn't show that at all. I had three bad holes the whole tournament and those three holes cost me, 11, 12 and 13. I need to clean up a little bit today. But honestly I could see myself being here Sunday, again.

Q. Are your plans to go back and play at you Auburn next year?
JOVAN REBULA: Yeah, I'll graduate from Auburn. After that we'll see how it goes from there.

Q. What was your biggest take away from this week?
JOVAN REBULA: I feel‑‑ I mean I feel the biggest thing I could take away is I can compete with these guys. Although, like I said, it didn't show. I didn't have my best stuff. I was scrambling a little bit too much during the week and trying to find a way to get the ball a little closer to the hole. But, yeah, I mean, on the other hand it's been fun and I really enjoyed it and it's really been an eye opener, for sure. Q. And the weather, did that make it anymore difficult?
JOVAN REBULA: No, not really. I enjoy playing in when the conditions are bad. And the weather was perfect, actually. Hardly a breath of wind out there on the back nine today. The course was definitely scorable with how soft the greens were. Yeah, there was definitely a score out there.

Q. Did you just come over from Auburn for this tournament?

Q. Were you around when they were rolling the trees?
JOVAN REBULA: Yeah, I was fortunate enough to be there. The guys were playing a tournament on the team during that weekend and I got to play behind. And got to experience the whole weekend. Friday we beat UNC, and Sunday it will be Kentucky. So that place is sweet.

Q. Did you roll the trees?
JOVAN REBULA: I did, indeed. You have to take the opportunity.

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