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April 12, 2019

Justin Thomas

Augusta, Georgia

Q. You felt you left a few shots out there, but is that encouraging in a way that you know you can go lower?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I'm a bit frustrated right now. I've played a lot better than 3‑under par for two rounds. I drove it good yesterday. I missed six or seven putts inside 12 feet yesterday. And I didn't hit my irons as close today. I mean most of my birdies were‑‑ I had two chip‑ins, a birdie and an eagle and the par‑5s I chipped it in there close. I just am not really making any quality birdies, when I hit an iron in there 10 feet and make the putt. I just need to tidy that up a little bit if I want to have a chance to win the tournament.

Q. On 13, the shot in?
JUSTIN THOMAS: That really pissed me off, to be honest because I hit a great drive and it's drawn and it kicks right up against the slope in the first cut and I had a huge mud ball on the left side of the ball. And I ended left, and it still came off farther right than I wanted. I told Jimmy, look, I hit a perfect drive, it should have been in the fairway and it wasn't. And I had a mud ball. And my chip easily could have gone in. It just wasn't meant for me to make birdie on that hole today, apparently.

Q. Do you take any encouragement that you've had two frustrating days but you're still very much in the thick of this?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I think I will. At this moment it's hard to because it's just little things like that last hole. I mean it's such an easy pin and I have a 9‑iron in the middle of the fairway and just hit a weak 9‑iron out there, and then a very, very soft bogey to end a round when I could have birdied and posted a 5‑under and that would have been a big difference.

Q. Question about Phil. At this tournament do you detect a little difference in his energy and enthusiasm?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I guess so. I just think he's so much more comfortable around here. He's still Phil, he always has the same energy and always has the same positive mind frame. But he can get around this place better than most of them.

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