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April 12, 2019

Kevin Kisner

Augusta, Georgia

Q. A mental round, is that how you'd put it?
KEVIN KISNER: It was very similar to yesterday, I just didn't make the par‑5s. I didn't make the putts I did the day before. I tried to hit four iron shots, it was just going over on the range I thought were perfect in the air and didn't work out. So I hit my shot on 13 I thought I made a 2 and I made a 5. So that's what Augusta does to you.

Q. I think 11 is kind of a slow point, did you all get told anything about pace of play?
KEVIN KISNER: That was on 12. I don't have to worry so much about that. They didn't talk to me a whole lot.

Q. And there's a rumor of a turtle, was there‑‑ tell us about that?
KEVIN KISNER: They ran him off before we teed off on 16 and then when we putted he was back on the green. So I think he mosied off by the time we finished, he didn't know what was going on.

Q. A couple late birdies, was that good for morale heading into the weekend?
KEVIN KISNER: I was so frustrated when I went on 15, I hit a few shots that didn't work out. I hit that one as good as I could. That's as good as I've got, I don't care anymore. And it went to 12 feet. And then birdied 16, with that pin is a really, really good shot. Nobody is really trying to get it up there and I absolutely flushed it. And it worked out. So gets me back somewhat in the hunt, if they don't run away. I've got a low one in me if I can keep hitting the golf ball the way I'm hitting.

Q. What did you hit on 15?
KEVIN KISNER: I had 244 hole and tried to hit a cut 5‑wood. So worked out good.

Q. What happened on 6, there? You hit it kind of left and looked like‑‑ there was a lot of rules officials there?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, I was arguing with them. Whatever.

Q. What was the dispute?
KEVIN KISNER: Casual water. I think it was down there in the mud and every time he took it out it was left water. If there's any water it's casual water, right? So I was arguing with that. And then he finally came to his senses.

Q. Have you ever hit a ball on a practice swing off a tee shot?
KEVIN KISNER: No. Maybe when I was drinking. (Laughter).

Q. 9, did the ball come to rest in the security guard's lap?
KEVIN KISNER: Behind him, on his back. I told him he was pretty worthless for not kicking it back on the green for me. (Laughter).

Q. So he just stayed there until you got there?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, you've got to mark it where it is. Like at rest. And then when he gets up you've got to drop it back near there.

Q. What's your mindset been like going into majors the last few rounds that you played?
KEVIN KISNER: You know, majors somewhat fit me, because you don't go out and shoot 7‑under every day. And that's more on these longer golf courses. I like when the ball is chasing, like at Carnoustie and the softer greens here somewhat help me. But I'm still giving up too much distance to really shoot a low one out here with these other guys that are up at the top. But if I keep my irons doing what I'm doing and get the right numbers then I'll have a chance.

Q. You tweeted about the weather. It kind of cleared off?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, it did, absolutely. It was perfect timing. Right when I headed to the tee I didn't have anymore rain. But I couldn't find a rain jacket in my house this morning. So I was a little pissed at that. It's pretty sad when you stay at home and can't find your stuff, right? Well, you're not used to that. I'm used to staying out of a bag where all my stuff is.

Q. How great is it being close to home this week?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, Georgia people, which is awesome. I always try to acknowledge them but sometimes you're not quite in the right frame of mind for all of that. It's really cool to stay in your own bed. The drive gets a little bit old but going home at night and having all your stuff is really nice.

Q. Can you remember a wetter March and April recently?
KEVIN KISNER: I can't. From November to now, you know. I've got a farm that's under water. So we're hoping that it dries out for that, too. And I even talked to my superintendent at Palmetto, there's algae on the greens over there from how much rain we've had. We need a little dry and windier spring.

Q. That soaked conditions is not your‑‑
KEVIN KISNER: I like to see the ball bounding in the fairways, makes me seem like I hit it far (laughter.)

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