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April 12, 2019

Matt Kuchar

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Minus 4. Five birdies, an eagle, four bogeys. Have you ever had a round like that that was so up and down?
MATT KUCHAR: Sure. We all have, if you play golf long enough. It's not my typical. It's more bogeys on the card than I'm used to having. However, I'm awful pleased with the amount of birdies and the eagle in there. It was a good day. I would take this day any chance you give it to me.

Q. You played the par‑5s great and that's one of the keys to winning this tournament on this golf course. Talk about the par‑5s and especially the eagle?
MATT KUCHAR: Sure. This course is a bit soft. And gives you a chance to be a little more aggressive. So often you would play a bit defensively around here. I played the par‑5s great and there was only a handful of chances where you feel like you can be aggressive or you feel like you can take advantage of a couple of holes. And the par‑5s are the holes you can take advantage.

Q. I think after the rain this morning the greens would be soft and you'd be able to attack them. But there aren't a ton of super low scores, why is that?
MATT KUCHAR: Hard to say. I would have guessed we'd see a 9, 10‑under par leading, and it's not looking that way. I can't really tell you why. It's just‑‑ it's golf. It's the Masters. It's Augusta National. It's kind of everything thrown in.

Q. So you've been here a long time, you've been in the low amateur, you've been in the hunt a lot of times. What are your expectations and hopes for the weekend?
MATT KUCHAR: I never had much for expectations. Hopes, I still hope to play well. It's golf. I understand the difficulties behind it. And I feel good about the way I've been playing this year. And certainly coming into this week. So hoping to continue the good play.

Q. Just one final thought. Sum up your tournament so far.
MATT KUCHAR: I'm 4‑under par.

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