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April 12, 2019

Patrick Reed

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How did you feel about your round today?
PATRICK REED: It was more solid today. I think I only missed two fairways and the problem was there was just a couple loose iron shots out there today but besides that it felt just pretty steady, pretty solid.
So, no, if I just keep on tightening it up, if I improve from yesterday, the amount I improved from yesterday to today, if I improve that each day on the weekend we should be able to shoot a low one and get back in this thing.

Q. Considering the rain this morning and finishing in the rain this afternoon, how were the course conditions out there?
PATRICK REED: Surprisingly it was, it held up. I know they have been just pounded with rain throughout the past month and honestly the golf course is holding up really well. The greens are still nice, true and fast.
And the only thing is with any type of rain like this is the wind lays down and guys are able to attack, guys are able to hit 5‑ and 6‑irons at greens and being able to hold it. So even though it play as little longer, any time the greens around here play a little softer it becomes a little easier.

Q. Even with the clogged leaderboard at the top a lot can happen. You know for a fact a lot can happen here on Saturday and Sunday. Does that give you confidence going into Saturday?
PATRICK REED: It does. I will have to see where everyone finishes at the end of the day but it was looking like 7‑, maybe 8‑under was going to be the lead and to be basically if you're in, I feel like if you're inside the Top‑8, 9, nine shots going into Saturday‑‑ it's going to take a lot of really good golf for 36 holes, but it's definitely doable.

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